10X March Madness Edition! Ep 28 The Columbian Connect with Mateo Arjona

6m | Mar 8, 2024

Showcasing Mateo Arjona! The owner of a non-profit organization in Columbia that helps those less fortunate receive free healthcare from some of the best doctors worldwide. Mateo's gift to this world is connecting people and making friends which isn't hard for him to do with his charming nature and loving disposition.

In this episode, you'll learn 3 of Mateo's principles to connect others and get them to root for you and your business!

This episode was filmed at Marriott Coral Springs Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. at 10X Stages Workshop... a Pete Vargas, Pat Quinn, Hope Zvara and Grant Cardone production. For more information about 10X Stages and to learn about how stages and platforms transform lives & businesses, visit

Music credits behind 10X Workshop footage produced by "Can't Hold Black One" at H.O.M.E. Studios in Los Angeles, CA @cantholdblack1

Follow Mateo on IG @mateoarjonag and direct message him to see how you and your organization can help assist with providing healthcare in Columbia!

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