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The Brenda Show

Welcome weary internet traveler, our names are Sian and Emma; a lesbian couple who decided to run not walk into marriage. Adventure alongside us as we share stories, memories, hopes and dreams. So please grab a beverage of your choosing, your non human baby and get cosy. Because you will be listening to our lives unfold for like years to come. Imagine an affair or something. omg. drama lol. New episodes every Saturday. On multiple platforms. Oh and here are our socials to keep up with us, Twitter @TeamSwingle Insta @_theswingles Twitch @TheSwingles And lastly if you're confused as to why were called #TheBrendaShow then you'll just have to find an episode I am almost certain we will remember to make. We look forward to meeting you all, making new friends and making our own history. Thank you for your time, for it is precious.



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.