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The Breeze with Hoss and DP

Derrick "DP" Pearson and Hoss Tabrizi bring you a little NFL, a little pro wrestling, and a little of whatever else tickles their fancy.


Hoss Boss Grantee Picks - November 20th, 12:45pm
Show Details6min 59s
Best Female Wrestlers On the Mic - November 20th, 12:25pm
Show Details14min 58s
Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks - November 20th, 12:00pm
Show Details20min 30s
Hoss Boss Guarantee Picks - October 30th, 12:45pm
Show Details7min 10s
Top 5 Wrestlers on the Mic - October 30th, 12:25pm
Show Details10min 59s
NFL Top 10 Power Rankings - October 30th, 12pm
Show Details28min 4s