The Box Score Breakdown

Nothing is more important than being the first to your waiver wire. Luckily, you have a Box Score Breakdown to get you there! Get the hottest pickup and drop advice before anyone else in your league. Hoop Ball's top fantasy analysts break down the nightly results immediately following the conclusion of games.


The Battle of FA / Enough to keep GA?
Show Details51min 32s
Houston, We Have A Problem
Show Details56min 3s
NBA’s (Jrue) Holiday Hooplah
Show Details1hr 2min
Flying Coach(es) & The NBA‘s Ticking Timeline
Show Details1hr 1min
Out of Bounds & Offseason Sounds
Show Details1hr 10min
How the Lakers got Dunc’d
Show Details29min 23s
LeBron “The Numbers King” & AD Disrespect
Show Details1hr 1min
The Heat is On
Show Details32min 49s
How the Heat got Beat
Show Details27min 37s
'Twas the Night Before the Finals
Show Details50min 51s
Fighting C’s & AD 3’s
Show Details46min
Miami’s Spo Zone & The Eternal Lebron James
Show Details50min 45s
BAM! Heat Survive Game 1, Nuggets Demolish Clippers
Show Details31min 46s
Incoming Battle for LA, Game 7's w/ Brent The Middle Man
Show Details40min 34s
Milwaukee's Future, Ricochet Westbrook w/ Doug Potts
Show Details34min 19s
Labor Day Recap
Show Details22min 15s
Heat Upset, Nuggets Advance w/ Doug Potts
Show Details35min 54s
NBA Fast Break - Boycott Resumption & Semi-Finals Preview
Show Details24min 57s
NBA Fast Break - Weekend Recap & Look Ahead
Show Details16min 53s
Breakdown for Wednesday, August 19, 2020: All That Jazz
Show Details28min 1s
Playoffs Preview Show - Best Match Ups & Potential Sweeps
Show Details57min 38s
Breakdown for Wednesday, August 12, 2020: Battle of the Benches
Show Details26min 53s
NBA Bubble Breakdown & Playoff Thoughts 8/9
Show Details1hr 14min
Weekend Breakdown Special
Show Details1hr 18min
Breakdown for Thursday, July 30, 2020: A.D. Shines in NBA Resumption
Show Details23min 3s
We're Back Baby! NBA Bubble Notable News
Show Details39min 26s
Breakdown for Tuesday, March 10, 2020: Oladipo Looks Like His Old Self
Show Details1hr 7min
Breakdown for Monday, March 9, 2020: Hornets Can't Hang, Bizarre Bucks
Show Details20min 18s
Breakdown for Thursday, March 5, 2020: Happy Steph Curry Day!
Show Details49min 1s
Breakdown for Wednesday, March 4, 2020: (Limited) Running Of The Bulls
Show Details1hr 11min
Breakdown for Tuesday, March 3, 2020: Anthony Davis Destroys 76ers (Abridged)
Show Details19min 50s
Breakdown for Monday, March 2, 2020: Rudy Gets Rude
Show Details33min 54s
Breakdown for Sunday, March 1, 2020: Shake-ing Things Up!
Show Details45min 10s
Breakdown for Thursday, February 27, 2020: Oh Where, Oh Where Have My Superstars Gone?
Show Details46min 36s
Breakdown for Wednesday, February 26, 2020: Fantasy Turnarounds in Orlando, Embiid Injury
Show Details1hr 21min
Breakdown for Tuesday, February 25, 2020: Zion Goes Hollywood
Show Details47min 16s
Breakdown for Monday, February 24, 2020: You're A Wizard, Bradley
Show Details55min 13s
Breakdown for Sunday, February 23, 2020: Is It Coby Time?
Show Details48min 16s
Breakdown for Thursday, February 20, 2020: Welcome Back NBA!
Show Details1hr 8min
Breakdown for Thursday, February 13, 2020: A Double-OT Treat Before The Break
Show Details34min
Breakdown for Wednesday, February 12, 2020: Oh, What To Do With Nance?
Show Details1hr 40min
Breakdown for Tuesday, February 11, 2020: Lights Out Lavine
Show Details46min 10s
Breakdown for Monday, February 10, 2020: D-Lo Makes His Minnesota Debut
Show Details55min 14s
Breakdown for Sunday, February 9, 2020: Same Faces, New Threads
Show Details49min 9s
Breakdown for Thursday, February 6, 2020: Trade Deadline Bonanza!
Show Details59min 45s
Breakdown for Wednesday, February 5, 2020: A Trade Deadline Eve’s Wishlist
Show Details1hr 38min
Breakdown for Tuesday, February 4, 2020: Burning Down The House!
Show Details25min 32s
Breakdown for Monday, February 3, 2020: Jimmy Drops Buckets On His Former Team
Show Details1hr 17min
Breakdown for Sunday, February 2, 2020: The Joker Shines On Super Bowl Sunday
Show Details40min 36s
Breakdown for Thursday, January 30, 2020: Youth Movements, Snubs, Kobe Tributes
Show Details59min 44s
Breakdown for Wednesday, January 29, 2020: Buy The Beard
Show Details1hr 11min
Breakdown for Tuesday, January 28, 2020: When Giannis is Away, Middleton Will Play
Show Details1hr 2min
Breakdown for Monday, January 27, 2020: Buddy Hield Surges Massive Comeback
Show Details41min 33s
Breakdown for Thursday, January 23, 2020: Larry Nance Jr. Lives!
Show Details39min 39s
Breakdown for Wednesday, January 22, 2020: Zion WIlliamson, Featuring Some NBA Basketball
Show Details1hr 48min
Breakdown for Tuesday, January 21, 2020: MAXI-mum Value
Show Details12min 36s
Breakdown for Monday, January 20, 2020: Dame Drops 61 on MLK Day
Show Details1hr 22min
Breakdown for Sunday, January 19, 2020: Big Men Too Shall Pass
Show Details34min 57s
Breakdown for Thursday, January 16, 2020: B.I. Goes BIG
Show Details48min 53s
Breakdown for Wednesday, January 15, 2020: Who Got Next?
Show Details1hr 45min
Breakdown for Tuesday, January 14, 2020: A Fun Line for A Fun Guy
Show Details59min 3s
Breakdown for Monday, January 13, 2020: This is the SGA We All Hoped For
Show Details55min 18s
Breakdown for Sunday, January 12, 2020: Time To Sell Beal and Russell?
Show Details1hr 12min
Breakdown for Thursday, January 9, 2020: The Point God Ain't Done Yet
Show Details46min 18s
Breakdown for Wednesday, January 8, 2020: Harden and Young Make NBA History
Show Details1hr 32min
Breakdown for Tuesday, January 7, 2020: Is It Time To Start Culver?
Show Details50min 8s
Breakdown for Monday, January 6, 2020: A Richaun Scare Hangs Over the Night
Show Details1hr 2min
Breakdown for Sunday, January 5, 2020: Anthony Davis Hosts A Block Party
Show Details54min 46s
Breakdown for Thursday, January 2, 2020: Shai is Here to Stai
Show Details1hr 9min
Breakdown for Wednesday, January 1, 2020: Jonathan Isaac's Scary Knee
Show Details54min 38s
Breakdown for Tuesday, December 31, 2019: The New Year Rings in While You Listen
Show Details59min 53s
Breakdown for Monday, December 30, 2019: Ayton Makes Yet Another Return
Show Details34min 39s
Breakdown for Sunday, December 29, 2019: Lonzo Lives!
Show Details1hr 1min
Breakdown for Thursday, December 26, 2019: Luka's Back, Holmes Never Left
Show Details51min 40s
Breakdown for Monday, December 23 2019: Hey John Collins
Show Details1hr 1min
Breakdown for Sunday, December 22, 2019: Raptors Reserves on the Comeback
Show Details56min 21s
Breakdown for Thursday, December 19, 2019: Spurs Complete Comeback vs. Nets and Rockets Rally Past The Clippers
Show Details48min 37s
Breakdown for Wednesday, December 18, 2019: Davis BEASTans Continues to Feast
Show Details1hr 13min
Breakdown for Tuesday, December 17, 2019: Ayton Returneth!
Show Details42min 43s
Breakdown For Monday December 16, 2019: Bucks' Win Streak Snapped at 18 By The Dallas Mavericks
Show Details54min 11s
Breakdown for Sunday December 15, 2019: Bogdanovic Leads All Kings With 25 In Easy Win Over Warriors
Show Details1hr 14min
Breakdown for Thursday, December 12, 2019: K-Love Goes For 30/15 In Road Win!
Show Details42min 23s
Breakdown for Wednesday, December 11, 2019: Harden Goes For The Double Nickel In The Win
Show Details1hr 17min
Breakdown For Tuesday, December 10, 2019: Kendrick Nunn with Career High 36 In Win
Show Details21min 41s
Breakdown for Monday, December 9, 2019: Welcome Back Gordon Hayward
Show Details1hr 16min
Breakdown for Sunday, December 8, 2019: AD Blasts The Wolves for 50 In Win
Show Details1hr 33min
Breakdown for Thursday, December 5, 2019: Booker Detonates vs. Pelicans in OT Win
Show Details49min 25s
Breakdown for Wednesday, December 4, 2019: Aaron Gordon Efficient, Butler/JV/Trae go off in Losses
Show Details1hr 37min
Breakdown for Tuesday, December 3, 2019: Harden at the Line, Drummond Almost 5-by-5
Show Details50min 24s
Breakdown for Monday, December 2, 2019: Bucks Cruise to 12th Straight Win
Show Details38min 9s
Breakdown for Sunday, December 1, 2019: Luka Leads The Charge vs Lakers
Show Details1hr 40min
Breakdown for Wednesday, November 27, 2019: 14 Games to Give Thanks For
Show Details1hr 16min
Breakdown for Tuesday, November 26, 2019: Kawhi/PG Combine For 54 In Win vs. Mavs
Show Details21min 43s
Breakdown for Monday, November 25, 2019: 50 is Greek to Me
Show Details1hr 18min
Breakdown for Sunday, November 24, 2019: Another Day, More Luka
Show Details53min 40s
Breakdown for Thursday, November 21, 2019: Ingram Maturing As A Player
Show Details43min 41s
(Audio Issues) Breakdown for Wednesday, November 21, 2019: Record-Breaking Luka
Show Details1hr 22min
Breakdown for Tuesday, November 19, 2019: LBJ and AD Continue Dominance
Show Details39min 10s
Breakdown for Monday, November 18, 2019: Luka's Career Night, KAT Propels Wolves
Show Details1hr 14min
Breakdown for Sunday, November 17, 2019: Buddy Hield/Jamal Murray Break Out In Wins
Show Details1hr 36min
Breakdown for Thursday, November 14, 2019: PG Shines in Debut, Melo Back in The NBA!
Show Details1hr 1min
Breakdown for Wednesday, November 13, 2019: Wiggins Continues Excellent Play, Beal Goes Off
Show Details1hr 8min
Breakdown for Monday, November 11, 2019: Spurs Annoy, Luka Delights
Show Details1hr 4min
Breakdown for Sunday, November 10, 2019: Can PHX make the playoffs?
Show Details1hr 44min
Breakdown for Thursday, November 7, 2019: LaMarcus Wakes Up
Show Details47min 1s
Breakdown for Wednesday, November 6, 2019: Jonathan Isaac Stuffs the Stat Sheet
Show Details1hr 20min
Breakdown for Tuesday, November 5, 2019: Hayward of Utah Returns
Show Details35min 46s
Breakdown for Monday, November 4, 2019: Three 40-Burgers on One Night
Show Details59min 22s
Breakdown for Sunday, November 3, 2019: Houston Starting Slow Yet Again
Show Details1hr 13min
Breakdown for Thursday, October 31, 2019: Butler Knows Defense
Show Details47min 40s
Breakdown for Wednesday, October 30, 2019: Richaun, IT, Conley and Poor Steph Curry
Show Details1hr 33min
Breakdown for Tuesday, October 29, 2019: Anthony Freaking Davis
Show Details29min 24s
Breakdown for Monday, October 28, 2019: Richaun Dunkasaurus
Show Details1hr 23min
Breakdown for Sunday, October 27, 2019: Cody Zeller Comin' in Hot
Show Details56min 37s
Breakdown for Thursday, October 24, 2019: Trae Day
Show Details36min 43s
Breakdown for Wednesday, October 23, 2019: Hornets Might Have Gold
Show Details1hr 13min
Breakdown for Tuesday, October 22, 2019: Freddy Van Victory
Show Details28min 17s
Welcome Back to NBA Box Score Breakdown 2019-2020
Show Details40min 32s
Goodbye Dirk; Goodbye Wade; Goodbye Magic
Show Details1hr 3min
A Fourteen Game Marathon
Show Details1hr 19min
Giannis Makes His Closing Argument
Show Details17min 53s
Devin Booker Goes Down
Show Details1hr 1min
Kemba Walker Goes Off
Show Details55min 28s
Danilo Gallinari Breaks Out
Show Details48min 38s
Goran "Triple Double" Dragic
Show Details51min 41s
Devin Booker Lights it Up
Show Details37min 54s
Trae Young Lights Up the Pelicans
Show Details1hr 1min
Lillard & Booker Ball Out
Show Details26min
Aldridge Goes Big
Show Details54min 6s
March Madness: Player Rest and Shutdowns
Show Details46min 29s
Joel Embiid is Unstoppable
Show Details1hr 1min
BroLo Alert
Show Details42min 19s
Payton is a Triple Double Machine
Show Details57min 25s
Giannis Goes Supernova
Show Details40min 55s
Kyrie Leads the Celts
Show Details47min 48s
Boogie Cousins Goes Off
Show Details43min 25s
LeBron Breaks Curfew
Show Details41min 48s
Raptors and Celtics go down
Show Details25min 34s
Home Sweet Spurs
Show Details1hr
Lillard Is Not Enough
Show Details15min 54s
Devin Booker Lights Up the Knicks
Show Details56min 36s
Gordon Hayward Got Game
Show Details42min 16s
My Buddy Hield
Show Details42min 49s
Harden is a Golden God
Show Details38min 12s
Wade for the Win
Show Details1hr 12min
Siakam Soars
Show Details32min 12s
Towns Returns and is A-OK
Show Details1hr 6min
Mitchell Robinson's Neighborhood
Show Details17min 26s
Durant Does It All
Show Details48min 17s
In Russ We Trust the Counting Stats
Show Details31min 28s
Giannis or Harden? Tonight It's Greek
Show Details1hr 11min
The King Is Not Enough
Show Details33min 56s
PG13 - Fantasy MVP?
Show Details53min 38s
Embiid Holds Form
Show Details50min 40s
Siakam has a Career Night
Show Details59min 37s
Fast and Furious: Trade Deadline Eve
Show Details1hr 5min
Embiid with the Stats; Toronto with the Win
Show Details1hr 3min
Harden Reigns, but Marvin Bagley Twirls
Show Details46min 58s
Celtics 134, Patriots 13
Show Details13min 47s
Porzingis Heads West
Show Details50min 21s
Baby Dame is All Grown Up
Show Details57min 17s
Giannis and Bucks Continue Their Dominance
Show Details57min 32s
Trae Young on an Impressive Run
Show Details43min 14s
Chris Paul Returns
Show Details1hr 2min
Jrue Holds Down the Fort
Show Details33min 34s
Harden, always Harden
Show Details49min 19s
George, the Best Thunder
Show Details38min 50s
Kyrie Steals the Day
Show Details1hr 24min