The Boss Chick Project

Driven, down-to-earth, and a little bit in denial...The Boss Chick Project is a comedy podcast about careers, relationships, school, and everything in-between hosted by Kennedy Aberdeen and Cassandra Blackwell, your favourite self-proclaimed projects. Every week, we discuss the successes and failures we have endured as we attempt to get our lives together and become our own bosses.


Episode 27: The Boss Composting Project with Friendly Composting
Show Details42min
Episode 26: HGS -Healthy Girl Summer
Show Details25min 12s
Episode 25: Mind-Body Awareness with Erin Tetarenko
Show Details51min 16s
Episode 24: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds with Taylor Bertoli
Show Details44min 31s
Episode 23: Read All About It with Taylor Jack of Bonhomie Magazine
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 22: Speaking From Experience - Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills
Show Details46min 41s
Episode 21: The Career Queen Will See You Now - Tips To Impress Recruiters with Cassie Ademola
Show Details51min 48s
Episode 20: Diving Deep with Ocean Bellamy
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 19: Healthy Habits with Baneet Khun Khun
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 18: Girls Gone Boss
Show Details41min 20s
Episode 17: Changing Course with AJ Eathorne
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 16: A Career of Compassion with Bernadette Siracky
Show Details47min 15s
Episode 15: A Cool Girl Lecture about the Severity of Social Media
Show Details46min 27s
Episode 14: Learning to Pivot with Stacey Owen
Show Details53min 20s
Episode 13: Small Town Secrets
Show Details44min 20s
Episode 12: Turning Your Passion into Your Profession with Lexi Soukoreff
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 11: Having a Healthy Body Image Offline in an Online World with Michelle Pugle
Show Details41min 48s
Episode 10: Hindsight is 2020
Show Details38min 22s
Episode 9: Talking Recovery and Loving Your Body with Michelle Pugle
Show Details58min 6s
Episode 8: Finding Your Stride with Kristi Fay
Show Details58min 6s
Episode 7: The BCP School of Personal Development
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 6: The Pressure of People Pleasing
Show Details31min 37s
Episode 5: Advice from our Younger Selves
Show Details18min 39s
Episode 4: Can You Put a Relationship on Your Resume?
Show Details26min 19s
Episode 3: Growing Pains
Show Details29min 18s
Episode 2: The Bosses Will See You Now
Show Details43min 47s
Welcome to the Boss Chick Project
Show Details8min 50s