The Boss Chick Project

The project of self-discovery is officially under construction. The Boss Chick Project is a lighthearted, women focused podcast following hosts Kennedy Aberdeen and Cassandra Blackwell as they amusingly attempt to navigate the professional world.

Both highly motivated young women, Kenn and Cass hope to achieve success in their professional and personal lives; however, they are often unsure of the steps needed to get there. Through a series of in depth discussions and interviews with local women entrepreneurs, the girls achieve self-realization, increase their understanding of the current social landscape, and ultimately redefine what it means to be a boss as a woman.


Episode 29: The Creation of Community with Brianne & Calli of Far + Wide
Show Details46min 26s
Episode 28: Safety, Possibility & Hope with the Kamloops Y Women's Emergency Shelter
Show Details58min 51s
Episode 27: The Boss Composting Project with Friendly Composting
Show Details42min
Episode 26: HGS -Healthy Girl Summer
Show Details25min 12s
Episode 25: Mind-Body Awareness with Erin Tetarenko
Show Details51min 16s
Episode 24: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds with Taylor Bertoli
Show Details44min 31s
Episode 23: Read All About It with Taylor Jack of Bonhomie Magazine
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 22: Speaking From Experience - Enhance Your Public Speaking Skills
Show Details46min 41s
Episode 21: The Career Queen Will See You Now - Tips To Impress Recruiters with Cassie Ademola
Show Details51min 48s
Episode 20: Diving Deep with Ocean Bellamy
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 19: Healthy Habits with Baneet Khun Khun
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 18: Girls Gone Boss
Show Details41min 20s
Episode 17: Changing Course with AJ Eathorne
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 16: A Career of Compassion with Bernadette Siracky
Show Details47min 15s
Episode 15: A Cool Girl Lecture about the Severity of Social Media
Show Details46min 27s
Episode 14: Learning to Pivot with Stacey Owen
Show Details53min 20s
Episode 13: Small Town Secrets
Show Details44min 20s
Episode 12: Turning Your Passion into Your Profession with Lexi Soukoreff
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 11: Having a Healthy Body Image Offline in an Online World with Michelle Pugle
Show Details41min 48s
Episode 10: Hindsight is 2020
Show Details38min 22s
Episode 9: Talking Recovery and Loving Your Body with Michelle Pugle
Show Details58min 6s
Episode 8: Finding Your Stride with Kristi Fay
Show Details58min 6s
Episode 7: The BCP School of Personal Development
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 6: The Pressure of People Pleasing
Show Details31min 37s
Episode 5: Advice from our Younger Selves
Show Details18min 39s
Episode 4: Can You Put a Relationship on Your Resume?
Show Details26min 19s
Episode 3: Growing Pains
Show Details29min 18s
Episode 2: The Bosses Will See You Now
Show Details43min 47s
Welcome to the Boss Chick Project
Show Details8min 50s