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The Book Worm in Space

In this podcast we’ll talk about a variety of topics about space and books. Most of the books will be Sci-fi, fantasy, and nonfiction. When we talk about space we will mainly cover NASA and SpaceX. There might be the occasional talk about Kerbal Space Program!


3 Things that May Prevent you From Reading, Skylab, and a Break
Show Details11min 19s
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Show Details4min 26s
10 Days to Mindfulness and Apollo Missions 14-17
Show Details22min 58s
8/29: Upcoming Launches and the Artemis I Mission
Show Details4min 46s
Packing For Mars by Mary Roach and Apollo Missions 11-13
Show Details11min 43s
Mars Series Part 2: Mariner 6, 7, and 9
Show Details6min 20s
8/22: Last Week's Launches and Space News
Show Details1min 17s
28 Letters by Alex Sultan
Show Details9min 50s
8/15: Last Week's Launches and Space News
Show Details4min 13s
Unpaving Paradise and the Apollo Missions Leading up to Apollo 11
Show Details17min 22s
NASA's Lucy Mission
Show Details5min 30s
8/8: Last Week's Launches
Show Details2min 24s
The Top 5 Books I Can't Wait to Read and the Apollo 1 Tragedy
Show Details12min 8s
Moonlight and Madness by Suma Jayachandar
Show Details8min 8s
8/1: Last Week's Rocket Launches and Space News!
Show Details8min 2s
Thunderhead and Apollo Training
Show Details28min
Mars Missions: Mariner 9
Show Details2min 8s
7/25: Upcoming Launches and Space News!
Show Details2min 3s
Book Update: The Lamplighter & The Arc of a Scythe
Show Details10min 42s
Short Story: My Mother's Dreams
Show Details12min 48s
Apollo Mission Part 1
Show Details4min 35s
If and When it is Okay to Stop Reading a Book that You Dislike Reading
Show Details5min 50s
The Midnight Library and Space News
Show Details23min 55s
The Four Winds, the Speed of Light, and More!
Show Details14min 41s
The Great Gatsby, What Happens When a Star Dies, and more!
Show Details16min 41s
The Truth of the Divine, Black Holes, and More!
Show Details13min 15s
Top 3 Reads 0f 2021, Solar Sails, and More!
Show Details16min 42s
Benefits of Reading and the Falcon 9 Booster
Show Details15min 13s
Reading Routines and Space Junk
Show Details16min 52s
Axiom's End, Audible, and the James Webb Space Telescope
Show Details19min 15s
Finished Books, Current Books, Fisher Space Pen, & Space History
Show Details10min 48s
Kennedy Space Center & the Sands Space Museum
Show Details12min 29s
Spring Break Reads & Sustaining Lunar Development
Show Details19min 15s
The Julian Chapter & HLS Lawsuit
Show Details7min 15s
Light Reads & Crew Dragon
Show Details12min 56s
The Space Launch System
Show Details6min 46s
The NASA Artemis Program
Show Details6min 32s
Book Recommendations
Show Details7min 7s
The Book Worm in Space - Trailer
Show Details2min 57s