The Book Place

In this Podcast Ivan and a guest will discuss a book. The Idea is to have an open enviroment in which everyone is free to share their opinions. Think of The Book Place as a café where two friends sit around to chat about something their are passionate about. Beware... Spoilers ahead.


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#7.1 Kafka on the Shore. Review and Discussion with Pedro.
Show Details54min 14s
#7. Kafka on the Shore. Spoiler free review with Pedro.
Show Details16min 19s
Stormlight Archives Character Tier List. A group sorting with Jake, Tomás and Brendo.
Show Details1hr 22min
Reading Habits. A Discussion with Alfred.
Show Details36min 32s
#6.1. Edgedancer. Review and Discussion with Jake.
Show Details29min 18s
#6. Edgedancer. Spoiler free review and summary with Jake.
Show Details3min 59s
#5.1. Oathbringer. Review and Discussion with Thomas.
Show Details1hr 1min
#5. Oathbringer. Spoiler free summary and review with Tomas.
Show Details4min 57s
#4.1. Storm Front. Review and Discussion with T.
Show Details49min 46s
#4. Storm Front. Spoiler Free Review with T
Show Details8min 40s
The Book Place Channel Introduction
Show Details4min 7s
#3. Words of Radiance. Review and Discussion with Jake.
Show Details1hr 13min
#2. Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Review and Discussion with Marli.
Show Details1hr 16min
#1. The Way of Kings. Review and Discussion with T.
Show Details1hr 1min