Constellations 1:9 - Know Evil

Season 1 | Episode 9
30m | Oct 13, 2021

Rael confronts the Darkness in Pilot Quaid. He tells a story of his mother’s garden, the trio get a brief respite, and everyone at the rally gets mysterious phone calls.

Content Warning: A moment of graphic violence.

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Music in this Episode:

“Songs for a Sad Guitar” by Rest You Sleeping Giant. (CC BY 4.0 License) - Bandcamp!

“Tired of Life” by Meydän. (CC BY 4.0 License) – Linktree!

“Scorned Hope” by Free Sound Collective. (CC0 1.0 License)

“Cycles” by Pictures of the Floating World. (CC0 1.0 License)

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