The Bonnet Talks

Hosted by Ama Appiah, a twenty-something year old navigating her way through post-grad. This podcast is a platform to bring to light the conversations twenty-something year olds are having, with the goal of motivating young people to strive to achieve while providing tangible ways to become the best version of themselves. Subscribe for a #TBT episode every Monday!


Navigating Corporate America as a Black Woman (with Yodonnic Etoria)
Show Details51min 41s
Translating Your Passion into a Career (with Samantha Feher)
Show Details1hr 8min
Learning to Give Ourselves a Damn Break (with Hira Mustafa)
Show Details1hr 2min
Money Moves: Financial Self Care (with Maya Fleming)
Show Details53min 10s
How To Survive a New City After Graduation (with Brooke Miccio)
Show Details55min 27s
Persistence and Remembering Purpose (with Aminta Scott)
Show Details1hr 8min
Speaking Up is a Muscle: How to Find Your Voice and Gain Confidence in Your Twenties (with Nikki Paige)
Show Details1hr 9min
Self-Advocacy in the Workplace (with Catherine Friar)
Show Details1hr 4min
Dating in your Twenties (with Katy Bellotte)
Show Details1hr 12min
Re: Being Black in America and What We Need to Do Differently
Show Details22min 53s
Building Identity Capital
Show Details34min 32s
Imposter Syndrome (with Meghan O'Neil)
Show Details1hr 13min
The Post-Grad Draft: Choosing Your Teammates (with Adam Sherif)
Show Details1hr 17min
Positivity and Self Control (with Christina O'Connor)
Show Details59min 9s
The Pressures of Productivity
Show Details24min 17s
Ama has a Podcast Now?!
Show Details21min 5s