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The Blanket Fortress

Embracing being an introvert and everything that comes with it!

Join your hostess, Gen, as she experiences life as an introvert trying to be proud of who she is. It's a show about comfort, security, and no judgement. In The Blanket Fortress, there's no shame in being introverted. So, grab your favorite snack, your favorite stuffed animal (or real one), and the comfiest blanket you own and join Gen and your fellow introverts as they navigate the world from the inside looking out.


Quiet People, Loud Minds
Show Details22min 43s
How and Where to Find Your Safety Person
Show Details19min 25s
Social Burnout is a Real Thing!
Show Details16min 33s
Your Comfort Zone is Not a Limitation - Show Trailer
Show Details7min 1s