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    Black And Thrivin is a safe space for uncensored positive Black stories. Your host, Monique, shares stories of Black women, Black men, and children, flourishing as entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, and over-comers. Tune-In for your dose of positive Black News.


    00:02:00-Time for a change?

    a.) The negativity in the media, especially its betrayal of black people and people of color, is bothersome.

    b.) Plenty of other platforms if you relish in celebrity gossip or the latest trash tv.

    00:09:10-Progress of the Week:  

    a.) *reviews on apple iTunes*

    b.) New YouTube subs

    00:12:35- Black and Thrivin: 

    a.)John Amanam, former movie special effects expert, has successfully created prosthetics for darker skin tones and is changing lives for African people. His company is named Immortal Cosmetic Art. 

    00:17:45-b.) Cranky granny's-A Black-owned cinnamon roll shop in Austin, Texas.

    00:20:45-c.) Conscious Candles Company

    "Conscious Candles takes pride in hand pouring home fragrances that are safe for the environment and yet still luxurious. All of Conscious Candles are made with just three simple ingredients: Wooden Wicks, 100% American Grown Soy Wax, and Premium Fragrance Oils." 

    00:24:45-d.) First Black President in Barbados and woman: Dame Sandra Prunella Mason.

    00:29:22-It's the high vibrational Positive Black News for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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    E5 - 35m - Nov 22, 2021
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