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The Black Box Podcast

Welcome to The Black Box Podcast with Burton Chawla, where we have conversations with industry leaders in the sports and entertainment world.


Jim Clibanoff: Looking inside the ever-changing world of basketball operations with the Denver Nuggets VP of Scouting
Show Details33min 48s
Julio Manteiga: Discussing content creation for the NBRPA, sports media relationships, and why you can't be anyone but yourself when striking deals in 2021
Show Details41min 35s
Erica Ramon: Representing multi-faceted musicians and why passion is so important in your chosen profession
Show Details29min 55s
Nick DePaula: Covering the business of sneakers, what it's like to be the "Woj of Sneakers" and signature sneakers
Show Details39min 53s
Kirby Porter: Creating content and marketing yourself as an athlete in 2021
Show Details31min 19s
Desmond Marzette: Pitching the world’s biggest clients at CAA and working for Nike
Show Details42min 43s
Genevieve Ascencio: Being a Communications Professional at a Fortune 100 brand, working with celebrities including Jay-Z & Dwyane Wade and the importance of mental health
Show Details1hr 4min
Ben Osborne: SLAM magazine's heyday and the future of women's sports
Show Details56min 43s
Samir Hernandez: Working Your Way Up and Winning an Academy Award
Show Details49min 51s
Danita Johnson: Making History as First Black MLS President & Growing a WNBA Team
Show Details38min 52s
Sandrine Charles: Building a Thriving Agency and starting Black In Fashion Council
Show Details36min 1s
Charlie and Rob Villanueva: The NBA, Family Dynamics, & Paying College Athletes
Show Details54min 22s
LZ Granderson: Addressing Race and Sexuality in Sports, Media & Politics
Show Details47min 29s
Aminah Charles: Athletes' impact on sports marketing and how brands approach social justice
Show Details48min 15s
Chris Broussard: Sports media evolution & Nets playoffs predictions
Show Details44min 25s
Kenneth Anand and Jared Goldstein: Sneaker law and economics (and don't forget the culture)
Show Details50min 30s
Danny Green: Getting traded twice in a week and standing up for racial justice
Show Details35min 51s
Calvin Andrews: Managing Melo and scouting LeBron
Show Details48min 58s
Meet Your Hosts: Burton Chawla and Savannah Hart
Show Details15min 51s