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The Black & Blue Vanguard

The Black & Blue Vanguard podcast is created and hosted by Officers Jules, Holiday, and Watty. We're three African American law enforcement officers who were born and raised in some of your toughest urban communities. This podcast is created for active and retired law enforcement officers as well as family members of police and supporters of men and women in blue. We want to throw this disclaimer out there: non-police and non-supporters of police are welcome to listen in. You can grab your popcorn and sit in the nose bleed seats and check us out, you never know we might open your eyes to a whole new view point. But let's be clear, this platform is a safe space where law enforcement officers can have a sense of community and freedom to share their respective thoughts and suggestions, or just vent about whatever is on their hearts. So many other people and organizations can take to social media and the news to unpack but rarely do you ever hear the voice of police officers. We especially want to encourage minority law enforcement to listen and chime in, as many of us are in similar situations of growing up in inner city communities and choosing this career path.