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The Bird Brain Podcast

Rise above it all, stay elevated, create the infinity; Up your You.

The Bird Brain podcast is a fresh take on Mental Health, self awareness, self love, and self reflection delivered in a way that feels more like a conversation with a good friend than a daunting task assigned by a teacher. It's about having a "Bird's eye-view" on very common experiences and using practical tools to shift your mindset to develop a healthier love and appreciation for yourself.

Join host Isaiah as he discusses common topics from relationship dynamics to trauma pulling from his own experiences and expertise to deliver a digestible and impactful experience.

But there's more...

If mental health isn't your thing, there's a horror sub-chapter, the "Night owl" featuring original short horror stories written by Isaiah and narrated by himself and other actors.

Not one to miss.

Take flight.


Bird Brain Episode 200 - Will this make the boat go faster ?
Show Details25min 19s
Bird Brain 199 - It's not my fault, but it is my responsibility.
Show Details23min 35s
Bird Brain 198 - Do you have permission to be valued ?
Show Details28min 56s
Night Owl, Halloween Special - Self Tape- Part 1.
Show Details17min 3s
Bird Brain 197 - Home Alone
Show Details30min 34s
Night Owl Present's, Playing detective
Show Details9min 7s
Bird Brain 196 - Relationship Roulette
Show Details30min 34s
Bird brain 195- I know you'll let me down... Step right up!
Show Details30min 15s
Night Owl Present's- Jack in the Box
Show Details18min 8s
Bird Brain 194 - The fatally flawed friend
Show Details30min 32s
Bird Brain 193- Taking them as Person-Ally
Show Details24min 51s
Bird Brain 192 - That's "kind" of selfish
Show Details30min 47s
Bird Brain 191 - Let's take a selfie
Show Details23min 17s
Bird Brain 190 - Apology sent
Show Details28min 45s
Bird Brain 189 - What's my budget ?
Show Details21min 10s
Bird Brain 188 - You're too low maintenance
Show Details29min 34s
Bird Brain 187- You've been intentionally invited
Show Details29min 18s
Bird Brain 186- I am a (my people) person
Show Details26min 9s
Bird Brain 185 - Happy Birthday, Birdie ... What's your mission statement ?
Show Details26min 12s
Bird Brain 184 - Would I be my own friend ?
Show Details18min 36s
Bird Brain 183 - At my worst ( is my best self)
Show Details20min 56s
Bird Brain - Inter(nal)mission
Show Details16min 58s
Bird Brain 182 - I've had enough
Show Details10min 36s
Bird Brain 181 - Sorry, I know my worth
Show Details31min 38s
Bird Brain 180 - "All is well" with Johnny Martinez
Show Details54min 38s
Bird Brain 179 - Detachment Style
Show Details29min 10s
Night Owl Present's - The take over
Show Details10min 24s
Bird Brain 178 - The calls are coming from inside the house
Show Details25min 42s
Bird Brain 177 - Pot Luck
Show Details21min 20s
Night Owl Present's "The Middle Man"
Show Details13min 36s
Bird Brain 176. " To the (re)parent/guardian of..."
Show Details26min 55s
Night Owl Presents, The Artist's Way
Show Details9min 57s
Bird Brain 175. "Who would be jealous of you? (probably me) "
Show Details32min 31s
Night Owl Presents, "Have we met ?" pt. 2
Show Details12min 13s
Bird Brain 174. - Ah, AH, Ah, AH Staying Aligned
Show Details21min 57s
Night Owl Present's "After Thought" Ft. Sneak peak of "Have we met" pt. 2
Show Details14min 10s
Bird Brain 173- My Villain Era
Show Details28min 21s
Night Owl Presents, "Have we met ?"
Show Details14min 21s
Bird Brain 172. That's not your soul, Mate!
Show Details28min 17s
Bird Brain 171. - Do you need me to remind you to celebrate me ?
Show Details18min 35s
Bird Brain 170 . April Fool-proof, Birthday Blessings
Show Details17min 23s
Bird Brain 169- I'm Pissed ( I think)
Show Details27min 4s
Bird Brain 168- Abundantly Clear
Show Details31min 52s
Bird Brain ep. 167 - Emotional Gps re-routing
Show Details18min 27s
Bird Brain 166. No show
Show Details27min 20s
#1 A moment of your time - If I had all the time in the world
Show Details1min 55s
Bird Brain 165. I'm Just Testing (your Boundaries) You.
Show Details52min 35s
Bird Brain 164. L.O.V.E.
Show Details37min 23s
Bird Brain 163 - "Fri-End" The friendship breakups
Show Details33min 49s
Episode 162 - Are you positive that's not toxic ?
Show Details32min 12s
Bird Brain ep. 161 - Body Language
Show Details38min 21s
Bird Brain ep. 160-The "Taking" Advantage
Show Details52min 11s
Bird Brain 159 "Are my relationships a garden or a grave ?"
Show Details42min 38s
Bird Brain 158. I'll reject me for you to accept me
Show Details22min 58s
Bird brain 157. New... Year... Same you ?
Show Details59min 5s
Bird Brain 156.-The gift that keeps on giving.
Show Details22min 58s
Bird Brain Ep. 155 - Shock to the (belief) system
Show Details28min 23s
Bird Brain 154 - Is it me ?
Show Details29min 53s
Bird Brain 153 - Not my circus
Show Details33min 39s
Bird Brain 152- Understanding vs. Undergoing
Show Details40min 45s
Bird Brain 151- Safety First
Show Details40min 8s
Night Owl's Halloween special, Escape House
Show Details37min 51s
Night Owl Present's, Escape House - Teaser
Show Details2min 51s
150- "People will never forget how you made them feel."
Show Details26min 25s
149 "I'm sorry you're upset"
Show Details29min 32s
The coloring Book is available for preorder !!!
Show Details1min 43s
Bird Brain 148 - "Did you feel that ?"
Show Details37min 53s
Night Owl Present's, My Little Pumpkin
Show Details8min 48s
Bird Brain 147. - Poor "I-sight"
Show Details32min 2s
Night Owl presents, Dirty Laundry
Show Details9min 8s
Bird brain 146 - Improper Empath
Show Details32min 8s
Night Owl Presents, Book Keeper
Show Details11min 56s
Bird Brain 145. "I don't know and that's all I need to know" - Nuance of Ambiguity
Show Details34min 29s
Bird Brain 144 - Just a F.R.I.E.N.D.
Show Details31min 57s
Bird Brain 143. Letting go 2.0
Show Details29min 52s
Night Owl Presents, " Proofs"
Show Details12min 12s
Bird Brain 142- Finding your mirrors, with Amber Kenni
Show Details41min 43s
Night Owl Presents, "Ushered in".
Show Details9min 23s
Bird Brain 141-Good grief
Show Details27min 3s
Bird Brain 140 - Happy Bird-th Day !!!
Show Details27min 22s
139. R. E. S. E. T.
Show Details26min 9s
138. Get your priorities straight
Show Details25min 55s
137. The thought of that scares me.
Show Details26min
136 Groundaries Grudge vs. Boundary
Show Details55min 50s
135 The secrets of Solitude
Show Details29min 25s
Night Owl Presents, Check Mate pt. 1
Show Details8min 20s
Bird Brain 134 - Prove it
Show Details22min 41s
Bird Brain 133. Today's Forecast
Show Details25min 17s
Night Owl Presents, Group Chat
Show Details12min 47s
Bird Brain 132. I'll meet you there
Show Details24min 57s
Bird Brain 131. Burden Brain- Communication
Show Details28min 20s
Night Owl Presents, Shared Space
Show Details10min 23s
Bird Brain 130. Mental Health and Parenting Self
Show Details26min 40s
Night Owl Presents, Pot Luck
Show Details8min 55s
Bird Brain 129. Manifestation 101
Show Details24min 34s
Bird Brain 128. "Tell me, What's it like to be valued ? "
Show Details24min 27s
Bird Brain 127. "What do I want... First"
Show Details25min 39s
Big Brain 126 - Ship Wrecked
Show Details25min 35s
Bird Brain 125. The hand that feeds you.
Show Details26min 39s
Bird Brain 124. Birthday Blessings
Show Details22min 30s
Bird Brain 123. But, Why ?
Show Details21min 31s
BirdBrain 122 - Be the change you seek
Show Details22min 47s
Bird Brain 121 - Nah, I'm good - Self Sabotage
Show Details22min 32s
Bird Brain Ep. 120 " Trust YOUR Process"
Show Details14min 58s
Bird Brain 119 - Healing Factor
Show Details23min 55s
Bird Brain 118 " Permission without confirmation"
Show Details24min 37s
Night Owl Presents, Valentine's day special - Can't escape my love.
Show Details8min 45s
Bird Brain 117. " Speaking my language" Love languages
Show Details19min 33s
Bird Brain 116. " I feel like I know you...But Is that a good thing? "
Show Details14min 13s
Bird Brain 115. " We need to talk"
Show Details26min 24s
Night Owl Present, Dear Diary
Show Details10min 37s
Bird brain 114 " M. L. K. ( Move like a king)"
Show Details21min 48s
Night Owl presents, Reunion
Show Details14min 39s
Bird Brain 113 " I'm addicted"
Show Details27min 51s
Night Owl Presents " Deal Breaker"
Show Details9min 2s
Bird Brain 112 " Permission Granted"
Show Details19min 6s
Bird Brain 110 " Magnetic" with Momma Morgan
Show Details43min 57s
109 " Balance the Books" with Tangier
Show Details36min 59s
Bird Brain Ep. 108 " Influential " with Nick Scotty!
Show Details35min 5s
Ep. 107 " Music to my ears" with Johnny Burgos
Show Details37min 9s
EP. 106 " Those who can, teach " Lessons with Mr. Owston
Show Details50min 47s
EP. 105 " Life is a Joe-ney"
Show Details50min 12s
EP. 104 "There's no plan B" with Kazy.
Show Details49min 34s
Bird Brain 103. " The E ssentials"
Show Details44min 37s
Bird Brain 102 "Big sis, Little bro"
Show Details33min 59s
Mid-Week Mental
Show Details9min 22s
Night owl Presents, "Mariah"
Show Details6min 58s
Grocery Shopping 101 !
Show Details29min 2s
Night Owl Presents, "Check Out"
Show Details9min 41s
Bird Brain 100. Thanks for giving
Show Details15min 23s
Bird Brain 99. " I got some good news"
Show Details19min 58s
Night owl Presents " The Cut"
Show Details7min 32s
Bird Brain Ep. 98 " Stream of consciousness "
Show Details23min 57s
Night Owl Presents, Haunted Anonymous - The finale
Show Details26min 21s
Bird Brain Ep. 97 - 10K!!
Show Details22min 19s
October Nights #6 Chivalry
Show Details5min 33s
Night Owl October Nights #5 "Woke"
Show Details5min 39s
Bird Brain 96 "What do I need?"
Show Details22min 15s
Night owl October Nights #4 "Payback"
Show Details4min 53s
October Nights #3 "The Stake Out"
Show Details8min 12s
Bird Brain EP. 95 " Groundhog Day"
Show Details30min 31s
October Nights # 2
Show Details5min 24s
Night owl, October Night 1
Show Details3min 6s
Bird Brain Ep. 94 " Comfort in Confrontation"
Show Details17min 6s
Night Owl presents "Haunted Anonymous"
Show Details9min 47s
Bird Brain 93. 3 Year LA-versary. "Grow at your own pace""
Show Details25min
Night Owl Presents, "Checking In"
Show Details7min 48s
Bird Brain 92. "Trust and Believe in me"
Show Details18min 58s
Night Owl Presents, "Negatives"
Show Details8min 9s
Bird Brain 91 . "Your Daily Allowance"
Show Details22min 29s
Night Owl Presents, "The Last Stop"
Show Details9min 7s
Bird brain 90 " I want you to be happier"
Show Details24min 36s
Bird Brain Ep. 89 "Undercooked Commitment"
Show Details23min 51s
Bird Brain Ep. 88 "It's not so Black and White"
Show Details38min 17s
Night Owl Presents, Lockdown Finale
Show Details16min 36s
Bird Brain 87 " I'll Be back... Trust me"
Show Details30min 47s
Night Owl Presents, Lock Down pt. 9
Show Details14min 1s
Bird Brain 86 . Moms and Mental Health
Show Details22min 3s
Night Owl Presents, Lock Down pt 8.
Show Details12min 8s
Bird Brain Ep. 85 " Not my Proudest Moment"
Show Details30min 8s
Night Owl Presents, Lock Down pt. 7
Show Details9min 46s
Bird Brain Ep. 84 Art Gallery
Show Details27min 35s
Night owl Presents, Lock Down pt. 6
Show Details5min 30s
Bird Brain Ep. 83 - " Love Is"
Show Details28min 4s
Night Owl Presents, Lock Down Pt. 5
Show Details3min 1s
Bird Brain Ep. 82 " Reality Check"
Show Details23min 26s
Night Owl Presents, "Lock Down pt. 4"
Show Details6min 10s
Bird Brain Ep. 81 " Traveling Essentials"
Show Details23min 38s
Night Owl Presents, Lockdown Pt 3
Show Details3min 57s
Bird Brain Ep. 80- " Are you listening to me?"
Show Details24min 11s
Night owl Presents, Lockdown Pt. 2
Show Details3min 15s
Bird Brain Ep. 79 "Look For the helpers"
Show Details23min 21s
Night Owl Presents, "Lock Down"
Show Details7min 55s
Bird Brain. Ep. 78 "Social Distance, Mental Awareness"
Show Details24min 22s
Night Owl Presents, Buddy System
Show Details9min 43s
Bird Brain ep. 77 "Arrogance Kills Community"
Show Details20min 29s
Night Owl Presents, Reset
Show Details6min 32s
Bird Brain Ep. 76.- " Contagious"
Show Details20min 58s
Night Owl Presents, Counting Sheep
Show Details5min 37s
Bird Brain Ep. 75 Resistance
Show Details24min 28s
Night Owl Presents," Eyewitness"
Show Details8min 24s
Bird Brain ep. 74 Nesting Necessities
Show Details25min 46s
Night Owl Presents, From the heart
Show Details9min 1s
Bird Brain Ep. 73 Love Always Shows up.
Show Details23min 38s
Bird Brain Ep. 72 Life Hack
Show Details25min 44s
Night Owl Presents, "Night Watch"
Show Details14min 58s
Bird Brain Ep. 71 - At the end of the Day
Show Details21min 3s
Night Owl Presents, Psych Out
Show Details8min 39s
Birdbrain Ep. 70 - Leave you alone
Show Details21min 8s
Night Owl Presents, Candle Light
Show Details9min 50s
Bird Brain Ep. 69 -New year, Old New(s)
Show Details19min 4s
Night Owl Presents, New Year's Evil
Show Details13min 18s
Bird Brain Ep. 68 Reflect, Release, Renew
Show Details27min
Night Owl Presents, "Santa's little helper"
Show Details10min 2s
Bird Brain Ep. 67 "The gift that keeps on giving-Self Care"
Show Details21min 2s
Night Owl Presents, On the House
Show Details8min 12s
Bird Brain Ep. 66 " I'll take care of me for you, You take care of you for you".
Show Details24min 41s
Night Owl Presents, "Secret Santa"
Show Details12min 43s
Bird Brain Ep. 65 " Shop Til you Drop"
Show Details21min 27s
Birdbrain Ep. 64 - Merry Mental Health
Show Details20min 5s
Birdbrain Ep. 63 Nerd on the Bird Part 2.
Show Details1hr 3min
Night Owl Presents, "Family Ties"
Show Details5min 45s
Bird Brain ep. 62 " Nerd on the Bird Pt. 1"
Show Details1hr 16min
Night Owl Presents " Hide and Seek"
Show Details6min 27s
BirdBrain Ep. 61 - Stilling moments.
Show Details19min
Night Owl Presents, " Witching Hour"
Show Details7min 7s
Bird Brain Ep. 60 Gratitude Journey
Show Details23min 4s
Night Owl Presents, Happy Halloween Special - Radio Riddles
Show Details16min 52s
Birdbrain Ep. 59 Who do you think you are?
Show Details20min 54s
Night Owl Present, Night #8 Joe Bandelli
Show Details1hr 6min
Night Owl Presents, October Night #7 "The sound of music"
Show Details6min 48s
Bird Brain Ep. 58 "Missed-Understandings"
Show Details22min 37s
Night Owl presents, October Night #6 "Playing Possum"
Show Details4min 54s
Night Owl Presents, October Night #5, Secret Garden
Show Details5min 41s
Birdbrain Ep. 57 "Growing Pains"
Show Details21min 43s
Night Owl Presents, October Night #4 "Timeless"
Show Details9min 29s
Night Owl Presents, October Night #3, Last Supper
Show Details5min 12s
Birdbrain Ep. 56 The Baker's Man
Show Details23min 51s
Night Owl Presents, October Night #2, "Neighbor Watch"
Show Details5min 43s
Night Owl Presents October Night #1 , Life Alert
Show Details5min 21s
Bird Brain Ep. 55- "Level 2. LAnniversary"
Show Details18min 45s
Night Owl Presents, Ticket for one
Show Details9min 22s
Bird Brain ep. 54 " I've changed my mind".
Show Details20min 26s
Night Owl Presents, "Occupied"
Show Details5min 21s
Birdbrain Ep. 53 Testing Boundaries
Show Details25min 10s
Night Owl Presents, "Harbinger"
Show Details19min 42s
Bird Brain Ep. 52 - " Abundantly aware "
Show Details18min 26s
Night Owl Presents, "Carry on"
Show Details17min 17s
Bird Brain ep. 51 - "Fallback Season"
Show Details19min 2s
Night Owl Presents, "Late Shift"
Show Details12min 6s
Bird Brain Ep. 50 - " The melting Pot "
Show Details21min 46s
Night Owl Presents, "Breaking point"
Show Details9min 49s
Birdbrain Ep. 49 - I'm happy for you
Show Details17min 55s
Night Owl Presents, "The Heist"
Show Details13min 41s
Bird Brain Ep. 48 - " Endship"
Show Details30min 55s
Night Owl presents- "The Flock "
Show Details8min 21s
Bird Brain Ep. 47 Personal Belongings
Show Details18min 42s
Night Owl presents, "Snap shot"
Show Details7min 43s
Bird Brain Ep. 46 - Happy Anniversary !
Show Details20min 30s
Night Owl presents, "Panic Room"
Show Details6min 6s
Bird Brain Ep. 45 - Playground pact
Show Details14min 38s
Night Owl Presents, "Final Act"
Show Details13min 12s
Bird Brain ep. 44- The standard
Show Details18min 52s
Night Owl presents, "The Quiet Game"
Show Details12min 40s
Bird Brain ep. 43- The Aftershock
Show Details17min 22s
Bird Brain Ep. 42- Double sided mirror, one way window
Show Details21min 46s
Night Owl presents, "Family Plan"
Show Details9min 26s
Bird Brain Ep. 41- Love Language
Show Details24min 51s
Night Owl presents, "Tall Order"
Show Details7min 59s
Bird Brain Ep. 40 - ParentHood!
Show Details17min 38s
Night Owl presents, "Match Made"
Show Details7min 56s
Bird Brain Ep. 38 - " Piece of Cake"
Show Details13min 35s
Night Owl presents, " Moving Men "
Show Details6min 56s
Birdbrain Ep. 37- "Joy Ride"
Show Details14min 33s
Birdbrain Ep. 36 - "Brain Food"
Show Details11min 46s
Night Owl presents , "The Sketch"
Show Details8min 6s
Birdbrain Ep. 35 -" I remember it Like it was Yesterday "
Show Details23min 45s
Birdbrain Ep. 34 - Happy Mother's Day & Mental Health Awareness Month
Show Details14min 36s
Birdbrain Ep. 33- Broken Wings
Show Details9min 14s
Night Owl presents, "Leaving a trail"
Show Details11min 21s
Birdbrain Ep. 32- Marathon not a race
Show Details17min 34s
Night Owl presents, "Stilt Man"
Show Details10min 49s
Birdbrain EP. 31 - P.S.A. - Positivity. Self-awarness. Abundance
Show Details6min 4s
Birdbrain Ep. 30- Stay the course
Show Details15min 39s
Birdbrain Episode 29- Birthday lessons and Blessings
Show Details18min 2s
Birdbrain Episode 28- The art of Apologies
Show Details19min 1s
Night Owl presents, "Resolutions" finale
Show Details6min 24s
Birdbrain Episode 27 - Not according to plan
Show Details14min 43s
Birdbrain Episode 26- House Keeping
Show Details19min 2s
Night Owl - Resolutions Pt. 3
Show Details10min 1s
BirdBrain Episode 25 - Plot twist, it works out.
Show Details16min 31s
Birdbrain episode 24- " Living in your purpose On purpose"
Show Details20min 2s
Birdbrain episode 23- Lean On
Show Details15min 17s
Birdbrain episode 22- Magnetic
Show Details16min 45s
Birdbrain Episode 21- "I am..."
Show Details16min 49s
Night Owl Presents- Resolutions pt. 2
Show Details8min 1s
Birdbrain Episode 20- Authentic Self
Show Details21min
Night Owl Presents - Resolutions pt.1
Show Details11min 15s
Birdbrain Episode 19- New Year, New Me...ish
Show Details22min 52s
BirdBrain Episode 18 - New Endings New Beginnings
Show Details27min 12s
Birdbrain Episode 17 - Do you booboo
Show Details14min 41s
Birdbrain Episode 16- The significance of it all
Show Details20min
Birdbrain Episode 15 - No place like "Home"
Show Details13min 12s
Birdbrain Episode 14- Acceptance
Show Details20min 28s
Night Owl Episode 6 - Happy Halloween
Show Details16min 1s
Bird Brain episode 13 - Are you happy now ?
Show Details23min 36s
Night owl Episode 5- Sleep paralysis
Show Details27min 34s
Bird Brain episode 12 - What's perfect is that I'm not.
Show Details17min 19s
Night Owl Episode 4- Strangely familiar
Show Details14min 44s
Bird Brain episode 11 I am... at least I think.
Show Details27min 47s
BirdBrain Episode 10- Sincerely, Me
Show Details18min
Birdbrain Episode 9 - Plus one
Show Details18min
Night Owl Episode 3 It's that time again.
Show Details13min 39s
Like you more than you worry about someone else liking you.
Show Details16min 37s
The treatment
Show Details24min 45s
Night Owl Presents- Family Time
Show Details15min 1s
The Gratitude attitude.
Show Details18min 38s
8-8-18 The Infinity
Show Details29min 56s
Welcome to The Night Owl
Show Details9min 50s
Emotional Forecast : Foggy with a chance of ambiguity
Show Details18min 57s
For the greater good.
Show Details14min 21s
Whats the Hold Up?!
Show Details4min 38s
Get ready to leave the nest
Show Details3min 6s