009: How to Practice Self-Care for Stress Management

15m | Oct 24, 2018

When we don’t take intentional care of our body, mind, and spirit, it can become very challenging to handle what life throws at us. Our cup empties. Our fuse gets short. We have little energy and motivation. Issues feel bigger than they really are. We are overwhelmed, and the everyday stress we deal with seems almost impossible to get a handle on. But, fear not, as Biggi shares her favorite stress management techniques in this episode!

Resources mentioned:

Look for the lighter side – Watch this 1 minute video that will make you laugh out loud:

Learn Dr. Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 Breathing Technique in just 3 minutes:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique – 6 minute guided practice, relax now:

Free PDF Download – Happiness Affirmation & Reflection:

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