• Big Ten From Sea to Shining Sea

    Paul and Dylan break down the Big Ten shakeup that's rocking the landscape of college athletics and discuss the potential fallout

    29m - Jul 1, 2022
  • Evaluating Michigan Basketball Draft Departures, Possible Emoni Bates Fit

    With both Moussa Diabate and Caleb Houstan remaining in the NBA Draft, Paul and Matt break down their decisions and how they'll impact Michigan Basketball's 2022 season. They also touch on Emoni Bates' waning star and whether he could be welcome at Michigan in light of recent events.

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    S1E6 - 54m - Jun 6, 2022
  • Episode 1: The problem with basketball and the Detroit Lions shrewd offseason

    Paul Rochon and Dylan Bair kick off their inaugural episode of The Big Picture discussing their high-level, GM's office view on sports--specifically sports in the Mid-West. Today, they tackle the problems they currently see with the game of basketball and discuss the shrewd nature of the Detroit Lions' offseason. They wrap up by each getting a little something off their chest in each of their "Big Picture" of the week.

    S1E1 - 51m - Apr 11, 2022
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The Big Picture