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The Big Dope Energy Podcast

The Big Dope Energy Podcast aka The BDE Pod 😏 is just that! Big. Dope. Loud! & Hilarious. As the former host of The Lituation Room you can count on Dearrow to tap into everything pop culture, CRAZY dating stories, putting a spotlight on kings and queens thriving and surviving the year of COVID (traaaaaash) and everything you wanna hear. Subscribe now. Laugh later.


Camera Off Mute On ft. Leah | EP 16
Show Details54min 7s
The Julie'a Interview | EP 15
Show Details38min 38s
How You Doin’ ( Wendy Williams Movie Review ) ft. Leah | EP 14
Show Details36min 38s
Let’s Get Loud ft. Mac Tré + Leah | EP 13
Show Details1hr 4min
Own It ft. Mac Tré | EP 12
Show Details26min 18s
And I Coup ft. Mac Tré and Leah | EP 11
Show Details1hr 5min
To Be or Not To Be ft. Railey Lawson and NiA | EP 10
Show Details30min 22s
We Did It Joe (2020 Year In Review) ft. Mac Tré and Leah | EP 9
Show Details1hr 6min
Where The Bay Reside ft. Mac Tré and Leah | EP 8
Show Details1hr 11min
Ashanti Verzuz The Rona ft. Mac Tré & Leah Lu | EP 7
Show Details46min 59s
Grammy Noms & Tattoo Bombs ft. Mac Tré, Leah Lu, & John Thee Boyfriend | EP 6
Show Details1hr 43min
Meg Thee Stallion Good News Album Review ft. Mac Tré + Leah Lu | EP 5
Show Details1hr 20min
Booty Call Protocol ft. NiA | EP 4
Show Details32min 37s
New President! Who Dis? ft. Mac Tré | EP 3
Show Details1hr 5min
What About Your Friends? | EP 2
Show Details21min 25s
Tis’ The Season to be Cuffing? | EP 1
Show Details17min 29s
The Hella Late Trailer
Show Details1min 31s