The Best Kept Secret Podcast

"The Best Kept Secret Podcast”, unofficially known as “the podcast about nothing”, is an in-depth music based podcast delving into the deepest roots of modern day musicality. The podcast seeks to cover a variety of topics, both local and international, driven by discussion and debate, all in hopes to make sense of why things are the way they are because music, just like any other art form, is more than what meets the eye. The podcast will also be a place for very in-depth album reviews and analysis. In addition, the podcast will produce interviews with some of these artists as we try to pull back the curtain and talk about the stories and inspirations behind the music.


TBKS E10: The Episode About Nothing
Show Details52min 6s
TBKS E9: The Unsolicited Episode
Show Details29min 29s
TBKS E8: The Zulu Man With Some Power
Show Details50min 11s
TBKS E7: The Red Light District
Show Details32min 49s
PatrickxxLee Nowhere Child Album Review Part 3 - The Redemption To Nowhere | By SeezyRay
Show Details33min 11s
Show Details33min 36s
PatrickxxLee Nowhere Child Album Review Part 2 - The Destruction To Nowhere | By SeezyRay
Show Details21min 55s
TBKS E5: The Trap Is Tricky
Show Details46min 6s
PatrickxxLee Nowhere Child Album Review Part 1 - The Intro To Nowhere | By SeezyRay
Show Details38min 18s
TBKS EP4: The New Kid On The Block Twice (The Reece Effect)
Show Details45min 14s
TBKS E3: The African Son
Show Details32min 32s
TBKS E2: The Nasty Jam
Show Details35min 11s
TBKS E1: The Soft Touch ("aka" The Intro About Nothing)
Show Details40min 59s