The Best Bits

A movie podcast where Irish screenwriters Will Collins (Wolfwalkers) and Kevin Lehane (Grabbers) discuss their favourite film scenes from randomly selected weirdly specific themes.


BONUS: All The Best Bits - The Princess Bride
Show Details1hr 35min
BONUS: All The Best Bits - Aliens
Show Details2hr 35min
BONUS: All The Best Bits - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Show Details1hr 57min
BONUS: All The Best Bits - Jaws
Show Details2hr 5min
Best Robot Scene
Show Details1hr 3min
Best Single-Take Scene
Show Details1hr 7min
Best Monologue Scene
Show Details1hr 35min
Best Deleted Scene
Show Details1hr 20min
Best Post-Credits Scene
Show Details56min 42s
Best Mockumentary Scene
Show Details1hr 9min
Best Fight Scene
Show Details59min 52s
Best Alan Smithee Scene
Show Details1hr 4min
Best SFX Scene
Show Details54min 6s
Best Questionable for Kids Scene
Show Details1hr 1min
Best Musical Number Scene
Show Details50min 39s
Best Tearjerker Scene
Show Details52min 15s
Best Sex Scene
Show Details38min 31s
Best Tom Cruising Speed Scene
Show Details47min 32s
Best Chase Scene
Show Details30min 50s
The Best Bonus Bit
Show Details14min 55s
Best Harrison Ford Scene
Show Details35min 10s
Best Screenwriter Scene
Show Details31min 7s
The Best Bits Trailer
Show Details1min 31s