S2E13: DISGUST - Trace Thurman on Deadgirl (2008)

Season 2 | Episode 13
2h 7m | Mar 11, 2022

Content warning: Contains heavy discussions about rape, racism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, homophobia, slurs (homophobic, racist (censored), and ableist (censored)), pornography, kink shaming, 9/11, and incel mentality.


On this episode of The Beauty of Horror, Chandler kicks off the season of DISGUST by talking with one half of the Horror Queers podcast and writer for Bloody Disgusting, Trace Thurman about the multi-layered levels of disgust found in Marcel Sarmiento's DEADGIRL (2008)!


The two explore how disgusting human behavior can be, toxic masculinity, queerness and homophobia, how being confronted with disgust (in movies) can act like a mirror in making you reflect on your own actions, the best first Wordle-word, and, of course, aesthetics.


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