S2E21: Beautifully Dreadful 2022 - Panel Discussion - Queerness & Disgust in Horror

Season 2 | Episode 21
2h 3m | Jun 17, 2022

On this truly special episode of The Beauty of Horror, Chandler has assembled a panel featuring BoH alum & writer, Dani Bethea, co-host of the Bloody Blunts Cinema Club podcast, DeVaughn Taylor, and the co-host of The Descent Podcast & Assistant Editor for, John Patterson to discuss the topic of:

Queerness and Disgust in Horror.

This panel capped off a half-day fundraising event on Clubhouse for Gayly Helpful 2022. This was a co-production presented by The Beauty of Horror and Gayly Dreadful. Gayly Helpful is an annual event on featuring articles and essays by Queer voices in horror. Throughout the month of June, the site collects donations to fund the Transgender Law Center.

This panel is part of this fundraising initiative. Please support Gayly Helpful and The Transgender Law Center with donations and/or by spreading the word.

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