Silent Hill Special - Horror Queers Spooky Season 2022

44m | Oct 10, 2022

Welcome to the Silent Hill Appreciation Day Special!

Joe Lipsett from Horror Queers (and BoH Alum - S2E1) was kind enough to reach out to me about being featured during their October Watch Calendar. We were tasked with picking a date, and a theme. I, of course, went against the grain and chose a game franchise.

Silent Hill has been an integral part of my development as an artist and horror scholar. This episode serves as a love letter to the franchise. I will explain why it means so much to me, as well as provide you all with a list of films to check out today in honor of the sleepy, foggy nightmare that is SILENT HILL.


- Masahiro Ito (visual designer for Silent Hill)

- Akira Yamaoka (audio design for Silent Hill)

- “The Road to Paradise: Silent Hill 3 and my Gender Fluidity” for Gayly Helpful 2021

- Joe Lipsett

- #HQSpookySeason

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