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World class athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs share their "lifestyle download" and "legacy upload" for you to listen, learn, and thrive.

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010 Nordine Zouareg | How to Adopt the Mindset of a World Champion and Overcome Any Odds
Show Details54min 20s
009 Quentin Allums | How Creative Energy Can Help You Thrive in Life and Business
Show Details56min 54s
008 Alex B Sheridan | There is No Plan B... How to Ditch the 9-to-5 and Go All-in on Your Dreams.
Show Details54min 30s
007 Marques Ogden | How to Optimize Your Mindset for Success and Compete at an Elite Level
Show Details17min 11s
006 Dr. Brian Harman | How to Lead Better, Laugh More, and Love Others by Educating Yourself
Show Details46min 21s
005 Jayde Vincent & Kyle Kaplanis | How to Utilize Viral Media as a Tool to Achieve Your Dreams
Show Details45min 51s
004 Jonathan Palmar | How to Start From Scratch Using Broken Dreams as Building Blocks for Success + Pro Video Formulas
Show Details53min 52s
003 Jordan Paris | How to Thrive Skipping College, Stacking Skills, and Building Businesses
Show Details1hr 3min
002 Maya Grossman | How to Systemize Success, Tap Into Your FULL Potential, and Crush Goals Effectively
Show Details48min 9s
001 Anthony Trucks | How to SHIFT Your Identity and Calibrate With Your Calling
Show Details52min 33s