The Battle Cats Mod Apk for Android

Are you a cat lover? Let's join The Battle Cats right away to join the cute cats in the fight to protect the Earth.

While the earth is experiencing economic crises, terrorists are cats that have attacked the Earth and set up a ruling regime. They then take up all the nuclear power plants and transfer energy to feed the time machine. This is really not easy when prevented and attacked by many other animals.

Right. The control mechanism in The Battle Cats is extremely simple with just touching the moving cats on the screen. Usually, in most types of strategy games require you to calculate high strategy and careful planning. This game is completely different, a cute cartoon-style strategy game that makes everything simpler and more adorable than ever.

The Battle Cats mod apk belongs to the defense game title, where you will have to protect your base and army of cats with many eccentric shapes that you have never seen before. Different cats have different strengths and roles, so you need to choose the right cats. Your enemies are formidable opponents with a form that definitely makes you laugh by animals such as dogs, snakes, hippos, ...