The Basic Income Podcast

A podcast exploring the politics, implications and challenges of the basic income--a policy in which every citizen would receive a monthly check to cover basic expenses.


Basic Income and the Disabled Community, feat. Annie Harper (rebroadcast)
Show Details20min 28s
How Much Basic Income Would Really Cost, featuring Karl Widerquist (rebroadcast)
Show Details26min 33s
Basic Income and Peace of Mind (Rebroadcast)
Show Details12min 46s
Universal Basic Assets, featuring Marina Gorbis (Rebroadcast)
Show Details21min 49s
Rep. Chris Lee on Basic Income Legislation in Hawaii (Rebroadcast)
Show Details20min 15s
Remembering Gerald Huff, feat. Jane Huff and Scott Santens
Show Details18min 8s
A Toolkit for Cities Interested in Basic Income, feat. Catherine Thomas
Show Details24min 11s
Examining Iran’s Cash Transfer Program, feat. Dr. Djavad Salehi-Isfahani
Show Details25min 14s
How Dolly Parton Provided Wildfire Relief using Cash Transfers, feat. Dr. Stacia Martin-West
Show Details17min 35s
The Native American Experience with Cash Dividends, feat. Thomas Klemm
Show Details23min 14s
The Movement to Bring UBI to Chicago, feat. Ameya Pawar
Show Details22min 30s
The Benefits, Promise, and Drawbacks of Basic Income Pilots
Show Details21min 14s
Basic Income and Organized Labor, feat. Ed Wytkind
Show Details31min 34s
Updates on the Stockton Basic Income Trial, feat. Mayor Michael Tubbs and Lori Ospina
Show Details17min 50s
Designing an American Social Wealth Fund, feat. Matt Bruenig
Show Details25min 55s
An Update on the Basic Income Trials in Kenya, feat. Joe Huston
Show Details24min 46s
Racial Narratives and Basic Income, feat. Anne Price
Show Details16min 31s
Automation and its Role in the Basic Income Movement
Show Details18min 41s
The Alaska Permanent Fund, feat. Sen. Bill Wielechowski
Show Details26min 31s
The Humans of Basic Income Project, feat. Ontario Activist Jessie Golem
Show Details18min 50s
A New Basic Income Pilot in Mississippi, feat. Aisha Nyandoro
Show Details20min 12s
Running for Office on a Basic Income Platform, feat. Owen Poindexter
Show Details21min 39s
Business, the Modern Economy, and Basic Income, feat. Floyd Marinescu
Show Details37min 38s
What’s Happening with the Ontario Basic Income Program, feat. Sheila Regehr
Show Details17min 4s
Combining Basic Income with a Jobs Guarantee, feat. Alyssa Battistoni
Show Details40min 34s
Bringing UBI into the Public Discourse, feat. Annie Lowrey
Show Details21min 1s
The Emerging Economy feat. Zipcar Cofounder Robin Chase (Rebroadcast)
Show Details21min 58s
Basic Income Q&A: How to Pay for It, Which Country Will Go First, and More (Rebroadcast)
Show Details20min 18s
Comparing Basic Income and a Federal Jobs Guarantee, feat. Jared Bernstein (Rebroadcast)
Show Details10min 22s
Basic Income vs. The Status Quo (Rebroadcast)
Show Details18min 53s
MacArthur Fellow Ai-jen Poo on What Basic Income Would Mean to Domestic Workers (Rebroadcast)
Show Details17min 4s
Momentum Toward Basic Income in Scotland, feat. Jamie Cooke
Show Details28min 51s
Land, Housing, and Basic Income, feat. Laurie Macfarlane
Show Details30min 33s
A New Experiment on Cash Transfers & Childhood Development, feat. Greg Duncan
Show Details23min 44s
An Update on Finland’s Basic Income Trial, feat. Aleksi Neuvonen of Demos Helsinki
Show Details23min
Exploring the Potential of Basic Income in India, feat. Saksham Khosla
Show Details27min 24s
Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, feat. the California Budget & Policy Center
Show Details31min 23s
The Basic Income Debate in Australia, feat. Emma Dawson
Show Details39min 52s
A Basic Income Presidency, feat. Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang
Show Details30min 51s
UBI and the Values Embedded in our Social Safety Net, feat. Almaz Zelleke
Show Details25min 33s
Is Basic Income a Bipartisan Policy?
Show Details20min 12s
Analyzing Basic Income Models in Washington DC
Show Details34min 2s
Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn, featuring Chris Hughes
Show Details23min 13s
Economic Analyses of Basic Income, featuring Rakeen Mabud
Show Details11min 31s
How UBI Was Added to the California Democratic Party Platform, featuring Rocky Fernandez
Show Details18min 51s
Why Basic Income Advocates Should Defend SNAP, featuring Jess Bartholow
Show Details22min 18s
An inside look at the UK Opportunity Fund, featuring Anthony Painter
Show Details24min 44s
Basic Income Speculative Fiction, featuring Sandra Haynes
Show Details18min 38s
What Basic Income Will and Won’t Solve
Show Details16min 45s
Y Combinator’s Basic Income Study, featuring Elizabeth Rhodes
Show Details22min 17s
Basic Income Q&A: Inflation, Predatory Lending, and the Meaning of Work
Show Details16min 55s
Basic Income and the Disabled Community, feat. Annie Harper
Show Details20min 18s
Human Profiles of Economic Insecurity, featuring Rachel Schneider
Show Details21min 6s
Basic Income at the City Level, Featuring Mark MacKinnon
Show Details24min 21s
Basic Income Q&A: How to Pay for It, Which Country Will Go First, and More
Show Details20min 2s
Malcolm Torry on Christianity and basic income
Show Details27min 2s
A New Wave of Basic Income Projects, featuring the Economic Security Project
Show Details35min 55s
Basic Income, Jobs, and Joe Biden
Show Details28min 51s
Organizing & Building the Basic Income Movement, featuring Reetu Mody
Show Details20min 31s
How Much Basic Income Would Really Cost, featuring Karl Widerquist
Show Details26min 26s
Running for Office on Basic Income, featuring Ingrid LaFleur
Show Details17min 54s
Why is Interest in Universal Basic Income Surging?
Show Details17min 59s
Universal income through a carbon dividend, featuring Peter Barnes
Show Details26min 6s
Universal Basic Assets, featuring Marina Gorbis
Show Details21min 38s
A California Climate Dividend Fund, featuring Senator Bob Wieckowski
Show Details27min 22s
Zipcar Cofounder Robin Chase on UBI and the Emerging Economy
Show Details21min 47s
Rep. Chris Lee on Basic Income Legislation in Hawaii
Show Details19min 57s
Universal Basic Income & Peace of Mind
Show Details12min 35s
Dorian Warren on Basic Income and Racial Justice
Show Details26min 26s
Jared Bernstein on Basic Income vs. a Jobs Guarantee
Show Details28min 32s
The Bootstraps Basic Income Documentary
Show Details17min 4s
Dr. Evelyn Forget on Mincome & Basic Income in Canada
Show Details19min 23s
Basic Income vs. The Status Quo
Show Details19min 22s
Senator Art Eggleton on the Ontario Basic Income Pilot
Show Details19min 57s
Annie Lowrey on the Basic Income in Kenya & the Power of Cash Transfers
Show Details21min 10s
The 2017 Basic Income Create-a-thon in San Francisco
Show Details33min 35s
The Finland Basic Income Experiment with Roope Mokka
Show Details19min 12s
Enno Schmidt on the Swiss Basic Income Campaign
Show Details22min 24s
MacArthur Fellow Ai-jen Poo on What Basic Income Would Mean to Domestic Workers
Show Details16min 41s
Roy Bahat, Head of Bloomberg Beta, on Innovation and Basic Income
Show Details17min 27s
Steps to Making Basic Income a Reality in the U.S.
Show Details12min 39s
Alexis Frasz on what the Basic Income would mean to the Arts Community
Show Details15min 21s
Sean Kline, Director of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment
Show Details16min 52s
Basic Income vs Basic Capital with Juliana Bidadanure
Show Details11min 47s
Former SEIU President Andy Stern
Show Details23min 6s
Milicent Johnson on Poverty, Philanthropy and UBI
Show Details19min 30s
Rose Broome, CEO and Cofounder of HandUp
Show Details19min 7s
An Overview of the Basic Income
Show Details25min 26s
Drew Pilottos of Basic Income Australia
Show Details10min 59s
Amira Jehia of Mein Grundeinkommen
Show Details16min 43s
Rutger Bregman, Author of Utopia for Realists
Show Details18min 52s
The Universal Income Project
Show Details17min 4s
Scott Santens on Having a Basic Income
Show Details21min 12s
Camila Thorndike on Cap & Dividend
Show Details18min 18s
Joe Huston of GiveDirectly
Show Details15min 44s
Che Wagner, Campaigner for the Swiss Basic Income Referendum
Show Details19min 3s