The Back Row Talk Show

The host of The Back Row Fantasy Show brings you a NON SPORTS talk show! Movies, Music, Rants, Opinions and guests from all over the world! You never know what you may hear on the Back Row Talk Show!


#15 - Corona vacations, Old school video games, and tipsy conversations.
Show Details35min 19s
#14 - Customer Service Stories
Show Details43min 9s
#13 - George Floyd - Riots - Conspiracy Theories - and a new Co-Host
Show Details1hr 6min
#12 - Tool - Fear Incoculum - 7 Months Later with Chris Curran of The Podcast Engineering Show
Show Details1hr
#11 - So you want to start a podcast? (Part 2) Some tips to help you quickly produce a quality podcast
Show Details10min 44s
#10 - So you want to start a podcast? (Part 1) Listen to this before you become a podcaster
Show Details17min 20s
#9 - Strike Boogie joins me to talk about his newest creations and projects! Links below to discover all things STRIKE!
Show Details56min 42s
#8 - Frozen II meets Ted Bundy! And are you a TOOL fan with a microphone?
Show Details13min 49s
#7 - Tabby from "Your New Best Friends" Podcast joins me to talk Family Disconnect and how it can be non taboo. (note: episode is an hour and 15 min long, not 2 hours)
Show Details2hr 8min
#6 - Mortality - How afraid of death are you? What new album releases may help calm that fear? Is money worth early death?
Show Details53min 27s
#5 - TOOL -Fear Inoculum - FULL ALBUM REVIEW
Show Details31min 32s
#4 - A Liberal, A Conservative, and a "Neither" Guy discuss how we sit in the same room and discuss movies and television after politics.
Show Details55min 29s
#3 - Who is the best AMERICAN band of all time? TOOL drops "Fear Inoculum" track from upcoming album!
Show Details56min 52s
#2 - Audio Hotline Host - Bronson Van Wagoner joins me for creator talk and John Wick love!
Show Details1hr 15min
#1 - Guilty Pleasure Bands & Pajama Pants
Show Details51min 8s