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The Back Row Commanders Show - A Washington Commanders Podcast

Emmanuel Chokuba brings you a professional podcast about all things Commanders!


90. Commanders and Lions Preview
Show Details28min 27s
89. Commanders WIN!!!!! We Beat The Jags! (1-0)
Show Details46min 15s
88. Week 1 Preview: The Jags come to town!
Show Details44min 40s
87. Projecting The 53 man roster (Special Guest: Phil)
Show Details38min 47s
86. Mahomes Is Mahomes, Defense looked awful
Show Details29min 20s
85. 1st Preseason Game Reaction
Show Details41min 21s
84. Sam Mills Fired! (Special Guest: The Big Douglas Show)
Show Details56min 22s
83. Football is BACK!
Show Details38min 25s
82. Post Draft Pod
Show Details32min 45s
81. Reaction to Day 2 of the NFL Draft
Show Details31min 15s
80. Reaction to Day 1 NFL Draft
Show Details43min 57s
79. What to do at pick 11?
Show Details32min 23s
78. Lil FA and Draft Talk
Show Details32min 31s
77. Washington Trades for Carson Wentz
Show Details51min 24s
76. Washington Makes Offer for Russell Wilson
Show Details42min 33s
75. The Season That Was!
Show Details27min 37s
74. 4 wins in a row!
Show Details51min 59s
73. Monday Night Curse Broken!
Show Details37min 48s
72. Back 2 Back Wins
Show Details31min 40s
71. Breaking My Silence Ft. Lake Lewis Jr.
Show Details49min 26s
70. Washington Beats The ATL Falcons
Show Details31min 51s
69. Washington vs Bills Preview
Show Details57min 40s
68. The Legend of Taylor Heinicke Continues
Show Details47min 27s
67. Washington vs Giants Pre Game Show: Talking With The Enemy
Show Details56min 50s
66. Washington falls to The LA Chargers
Show Details34min 30s
65: Pre-Game Show: Washington Football vs LA Chargers Preview
Show Details1hr 15min
64. Redskins Hub Admin Pod
Show Details1hr 22min
63. You Got Questions, We Got Answers
Show Details1hr 15min
62. Washington vs Cincinnati Bengals Preview and MORE
Show Details1hr 13min
61. 1st Preseason Game Recap and Reaction
Show Details26min 18s
61. Jonathan Allen & Logan Thomas
Show Details1hr 9min
60. Time To Pay The Home Grown Talent!
Show Details36min 21s
59. Pay Allen or Nah ft. Steve, Mike and Redskins Weekly
Show Details1hr 8min
58. A Washington Football Podcast ft Rodney Thomas & Brandon Rinebold
Show Details1hr 21min
57. The Latest and Hottest Topics ft Street Scores and Protech
Show Details1hr 6min
56. Sean Taylor The Great
Show Details1hr 23min
55. Draft Reaction and More
Show Details1hr 19min
54. Post Draft Pod
Show Details37min 15s
53. The Night Before The Draft
Show Details1hr 38min
52. No love for Love.
Show Details1hr 25min
51. All About The Culture
Show Details1hr 3min
50. The Closer We Get To The Draft
Show Details1hr 9min
49. Let's Talk Draft
Show Details59min 56s
48. Washington Football Team vs The NFC East
Show Details55min 57s
47. Free Agency Is Here
Show Details1hr 14min
46. Fixing The Football Team 3.0
Show Details1hr 20min
45. Fixing The Football Team 2.0
Show Details1hr 4min
44. Fixing The Football Team 1.0
Show Details1hr 7min
43. Preview to offseason series: Fix The Football Team
Show Details21min 10s
42. Learning from the Champs
Show Details28min 9s
41. Washington Football QB Options (Special Guest Tony Andrews)
Show Details1hr 13min
40. Washington Falls to Tampa
Show Details27min 8s
39. NFC East Champions
Show Details41min 47s
38. "Time to move on"
Show Details40min 41s
37. Dwayne Haskins Breaks Protocol Again
Show Details44min 47s
36. Washington vs Seahawks Pregame Show (Special Guest Quan Battle)
Show Details1hr 20min
35. 4 Game Win Streak!!!!
Show Details36min 47s
34. Washington vs 49ers Preview
Show Details31min 15s
33. Washington Wins, Pittsburg no longer undefeated!
Show Details32min 7s
32. Week 13: Washington Vs Steelers Preview
Show Details48min 43s
31. Antonio Gibson Helps Sweep The Cowboys
Show Details38min 13s
30. Washington beats The Bengals
Show Details28min
29. Giant Problems!
Show Details38min 12s
28. Washington beats down Dallas Cowboys
Show Details33min 1s
27. Slammed By The Rams
Show Details27min 23s
26. The Rams vs Washington Preview
Show Details29min 33s
25. Dwayne Haskins Era Is Over
Show Details34min 44s
24. Gave it away!
Show Details32min 6s
23. The Browns vs Washington Preview
Show Details36min 33s
22. Growing pains: young team!
Show Details29min 49s
21. Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Football Preview
Show Details21min 49s
20. Massive Win For The Football Team vs The Eagles
Show Details30min 29s
19. Week 1: Eagles vs Washington Pregame Show
Show Details32min 20s
18. Washington Football Round Table
Show Details1hr 16min
17. Thank You Adrian Peterson
Show Details33min 40s
16. Washington Football is almost here
Show Details36min 16s
15. 19 Days Until Washington Football
Show Details35min 15s
14. Training Camp Is Heating Up
Show Details33min 1s
13. Washington Football Fantasy Impact
Show Details1hr 7min
12. Derrius Guice Downfall
Show Details31min 17s
11. Quotes from training camp
Show Details38min 45s
10. Training Camp Is Here
Show Details21min 18s
9. New Name: The Washington Football Team
Show Details29min 22s
8. From Life Long Redskins Fan to NFL Pro Scout (Special Guest Daniel Kelly)
Show Details40min 7s
7. What's going on in Redskins park? (Special Guest Dujunnea Bland)
Show Details44min 53s
6. The Redskins Past, Present and Future (Special Guest Lake Lewis Jr.)
Show Details36min 13s
5. Redskins Fans React To Potential Name Change
Show Details28min 24s
4. All Things Redskins (Special Guest Ryan Trotter)
Show Details1hr 6min
3. Let's Get Defensive
Show Details22min 17s
2. "Expect The Great"
Show Details27min 32s
1. Welcome to The Back Row Redskins Show
Show Details16min 18s