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Breaking: Tua Tagovqiloa named the starter after the bye
Show Details3min 23s
Can our winless Phins get the victory over the Jags? A little week 1 and 2 review and more to come.
Show Details9min 19s
The season is upon us! Prediction for Week 1 against New England and a little catch up on the past few weeks!
Show Details15min 16s
Two days of training camp quickies! Which Raekwon is being a BEAST?
Show Details10min 13s
Tua and Preston Williams CLEARED! News and Notes before Training Camp
Show Details13min 16s
Training Camp is almost here! What to expect and who is the X Factor?
Show Details16min 38s
Cam Newton to the Patriots & Predicting our record for the 2020 NFL Season
Show Details16min 46s
The Devanta Parker vs Michael Thomas Chronicles - The Chad O'Shea firing - Josh Rosen trade interest?
Show Details12min 40s
Fantasy Outlooks for the 2020 Miami Dolphins - Offense and Defense
Show Details16min 10s
The Great Don Shula - RIP & Thank You! Cuts and Undrafted Free Agent Signings - Prospect X
Show Details13min 52s
OUR 2020 NFL DRAFT! TUA is the guy.
Show Details14min 23s
The Godfather offer being attempted hours before the draft
Show Details3min 10s
Justin Herbert there fire? Joe Burrow WILL be a Bengal. Is it possible we bypass on QB in Round 1?
Show Details13min 7s
Incoming rookies that we reportedly were set to bring in for visits before event 201. Virtual draft time is near!
Show Details19min 39s
7 Round Dolphins Mock Draft - All 14 of Miami's picks projected with secondary options!
Show Details25min 46s
Is Cam Newton an option? Miami's second wave of free agent signings and why we don't HAVE to take a QB in the top 10.
Show Details16min 24s
Miami lands multiple starters at positions of need in day one of free agency
Show Details14min 19s
Free Agent signings that could set up a great draft!
Show Details19min 4s
First Episode! Some general Draft and Free Agency talk and what's to come!
Show Details14min 1s