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Episode 21: 5-2 Betting against Vegas
Show Details26min 19s
Episode 20: Wham, Bam, WTF, onto Cincinnati
Show Details42min 59s
Episode 19: 4-1 and onto the Squeelers
Show Details35min 11s
Episode 18: Take down of WSH, now onto the Cowboys
Show Details26min 58s
Episode 17: Beat Cincy on to WSH
Show Details31min 52s
Episode 16: Week 2 vs Cincy Kitties
Show Details27min 50s
WHam/Bam/ WTF just happened!
Show Details31min 15s
Episode 14: Opening week vs the Rat birds
Show Details30min 31s
Episode 13: Unlucky injuries and fantasy projections
Show Details59min 47s
Episode 12: Garrett gets paid!
Show Details35min 20s
Episode 11: Obj truthers unite!
Show Details34min 17s
Episode 10: Jump on the Chubb train and Archie Griffin
Show Details54min 57s
Episode 9: Can Baker bring the heat?
Show Details31min 20s
Episode 8: Browns hype train 2.0
Show Details44min 30s
Episode 7: Browns news dump
Show Details21min 11s
Episode 6: Browns win at the Draft
Show Details41min 25s
Episode 5: New threads and new players
Show Details37min 59s
Episode 4: Weak in the ankles mock draft
Show Details35min 48s
Episode 3: Throwing that Paper
Show Details35min 39s
Episode 2: Fill in the gaps
Show Details37min 52s
New Year same Browns. Episode 1
Show Details27min 15s