The Awesome Little Show!

Stop living for others. Start pursuing your dreams.

Tools to help you fight your inner critic and get sh*t done!

Get ready for your magical girl transformation! The Awesome Little Show is the mini-podcast for daydreamers and dream chasers. Find your power and embrace your magic so you can shine bright like the gem that you are.

As a kid, you didn't play by the rules. You didn't do things like you were supposed to. You did them how you wanted, the way it made it fun or interesting. Why did you stop doing that?

Someone told us the rules, how it was supposed to go and it started to change our beliefs, and over time we stopped doing what was fun and interesting and we did things the way they were supposed to be done. We started playing by the rules.

But there are no rules for life. Life has no rules.

The Awesome Little Show is a mini-podcast for those who want balance in their daily lives. To feel peace in their physical surroundings as well as in their internal selves.

Learn how to use introspection and creativity to cultivate your self-growth. Learn coping skills, mindset shifting tools, and new ways of looking at the same tiring tasks. Transform into the super version of you all while having fun and enjoying life.

Tired of doing the dishes? Is laundry getting you down?

Let's approach life's tasks in a new way. Let's make them easier and even enjoyable.

What if we challenged our beliefs, re-evaluated, and made new systems for everything we thought we knew, all while changing everything we thought we were.

What if you could find work that was fun and supported your passions?

What if you could look in the mirror and stop judging yourself, and start embracing the person on the other side?

That's what The Awesome Little Show is all about. It's about creating and living a life that you love while making it fun.

It's about looking inside yourself to uncover a bright and magical you. A you that was lost to the influence of adulthood. The shining you that was thriving before outside forces came and told you how life was supposed to be.

Every day we are influenced by society, media, and other people's ideas of who we are and how we should be. Let's take you back to who you were at the start. Learn to connect with what you truly want and live life according to your aspirations.

You'll learn to ask questions about everything you've ever known and shift your mindset into one that works for you, not for them.

It's not just about self-work, or cleaning or handling tasks, It's about reframing the way you look at the world through a new lens. Your original lens. A lens with a child-like wonder.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to when you were a kid, no responsibilities, just having fun and playing with your friends? Not worrying about when the bills were due or making that appointment?

Do you want to go back to simpler times, drinking iced tea and playing on the swings?

Yes, we grew up and have responsibilities. They cause us stress, anxiety and can overwhelm us at times if not all the time. But it's not just the acquiring of more responsibility that became our biggest problem. It's the switch to viewing these things as our influenced selves rather than the person we were before the world got us down.

If we find who we were as a child, the person we were meant to be before the world put us in categories and told us what we could or could not do, that we can view and change these tasks from being overwhelming to one's that are manageable with ease and dare I say even enjoyable.

Don't let others take away your shine. Live your life the way you see fit.

The Awesome Little Show is hosted by Olga, your advisor & guardian. @theawesomelittleco


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