The Awesome Little Show!

Get ready for your magical girl transformation! Find your power and fight back against everyday villains, like self-doubt, perfectionism & people-pleasing.

The Awesome Little Show is a mini-podcast that focuses on actionable personal development activities as well as stories about personal experiences. Learn how to use introspection and creativity to develop your self-discovery skills. Discover how to be more confident and find the courage to follow your dreams!

The Awesome Little Show is hosted by Olga, your advisor & guardian.


How to cheer yourself up with these easy mood boosters
Show Details15min 21s
How to realistically get out of a rut (when you have anxiety)
Show Details25min 2s
How to deal with the dishes (& everything else in your life)
Show Details11min 5s
Welcome to The Awesome Little Show!
Show Details10min 59s