Humans Healing by Being of Service to Animals: Norah Meier-Maroulis ~ Are your EARS burning?!?

Season 1 | Episode 25
36m | Aug 9, 2022

Today Lea speaks with fellow Dallasite and dear friend, Norah Meier-Maroulis. As a dog rescuer and activist, Norah channels her creative energy into decreasing the animal homeless population and educating the public about issues concerning animal behavior and proper care as the Social Media/Marketing coordinator at EARS ~ Education & Animal Rescue Society Working along side EARS, Norah is committed to finding homes for unwanted animals that would otherwise perish in shelters.

In today's episode of The Art Of...

  • How Norah followed her heart and began an animal rescue
  • How fostering an animal can heal a human
  • The biggest mistake people make when deciding to foster a dog
  • How to do a walking meditation with your dog
  • ALL the different ways to get involved with EARS


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"When we share our lives with animals, our spiritual paths intertwine"

Kathleen Prasad

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