22. Holistic Nutrition with Lauren Talbot C.N.

32m | Jul 11, 2022

Today Lea has a conversation with Lauren Talbot, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, author and founder of Feel Good Dallas.

Lauren speaks candidly with Lea about how she has personally struggled with her weight, mental health, complexion, and digestion for years and how much joy it brings her to see others not having to cope with this stress after utilizing her holistic nutrition strategies.

While society has made the idea of wellness complicated with it’s many diet trends, detoxes and protein powders, Lauren offers the tools you need to feel empowered so you can laugh more and stress less.

In today's episode of The Art Of...

  • How good food supports mental health
  • Aging and the physical costs of restrictive eating 
  • The magic of food combining and eating the foods you love
  • How to manage food cravings and avoid feeling deprived of pleasurable foods
  • Two supplements to support digestion 


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