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The Art of Becoming

I started a podcast. I was not quite sure how it was supposed to look. I did not know how my words would sound to the eardrums of other listeners, how they would be translated, how they would loom in the swelling mind of a stranger, but regardless, I am here. I started a podcast. I started this for myself because I needed to hear myself. I needed to watch my words find life in an outlet that was someplace other than my head. I started this podcast to commemorate a chapter of my becoming. Here in this space, I pray that my becoming lights a flame to your becoming. That here, my joys and pains, my aches and stretches, my unknowns and concrete certainties will find you well. That wherever you are you can smile when I say that strawberries on top of Saturday morning oatmeal are my favorite, and sometimes when I watch a movie that I have already seen too many times, I remember what it was like to find comfort in even the most uncomfortable and familiar of places. My becoming is also your becoming because I believe that humanity is just that: it is all of us coming together and sharing our voices in hopes that one day all our tones will come together as one unified melody. So, as I speak, I pray that my words fit into yours and that my thoughts somehow align with yours, and even still, where we differ, I pray that you will find awakening, that perspective will be brought to you and somehow you will grow, because it is in the unknowns that we grow and in the knowns that we find ease. These two things, grow and ease, come together and blend into what we know as life, and life, it really is a beautiful paradox. Welcome to my life, a little sliver of what I call my own, I am honored you are here and I cherish your contribution to my journey and to your own. Here in this moment, I see you, I celebrate you, and I wish you well. 


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