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The Anxious Mammal

This podcast provides a discussion and psychoeducation on various mental health disorders, strategies, topics, and comprehensive interventions with a focus on trauma, presented by a licensed trauma psychotherapist.


Episode 8 - Getting To Know Your Parts
Show Details30min 10s
Episode 7 - EMDR and IFS for Trauma Management
Show Details25min 40s
Episode 6 - Trauma,EMDR, and Internal Family Systems
Show Details17min 41s
Episode 5 - What is ADHD... Really?
Show Details33min 51s
Episode 4 - Non-Invasive Interventions for Mood and Pain Management
Show Details29min 31s
Episode 3 - Anxiety in the Body
Show Details24min 25s
Episode 2 - Anxiety in the Mind
Show Details24min 43s
Episode 1 - Anxiety Explained
Show Details29min 35s