The All Rookie Podcast

If you're like us, you watch basketball all the time and think, "There isn't even remotely close to enough coverage of rookies!"

Problem, meet solution. The All-Rookie Podcast, hosted by William Harris, is a HoopBall show that covers the youngest players in the NBA and those on their way into the Association. We cover lottery picks, late steals, and everything in between in the most comprehensive rookie show on the net. Join the fun, listen and subscribe now!


Biggest Surprises of the Draft
Show Details29min
NBA Draft Recap!
Show Details38min 50s
Top-9 with Special Guest Jill Adge
Show Details57min 24s
Our Last Mock Draft (or v3.0 If You Prefer)
Show Details44min 18s
Pacific and Southwest NBA Draft Strategies
Show Details44min 13s
The All-Rookie Roundball Crossover Show
Show Details1hr 4min
Southeast and Northwest Division Draft Needs
Show Details26min 50s
Draft Needs, Central Division
Show Details27min 30s
Draft Pick Needs, Atlantic Division
Show Details20min 38s
10 Riskiest Picks of the NBA Draft Class
Show Details26min 15s
Top 10 Picks of the Second Round
Show Details24min 4s
Mock Draft 2.0
Show Details42min 30s
Back to School They Go
Show Details25min 32s
Pelicans and Rookies, an Offseason
Show Details38min 56s
SEVEN Most Interesting Prospects
Show Details38min 20s
International Prospects
Show Details23min 20s
Grizzlies Draft and Sleepers
Show Details35min 15s
Mock Draft 1.0
Show Details44min 36s
Top-14 Mock Draft & Raptors 4th Pick Analysis
Show Details36min 12s
The Draft Lottery
Show Details22min 15s
1st and 2nd Team Breakdowns
Show Details28min 43s
Welcome to the All-Rookie Podcast
Show Details6min 1s