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Ep. 27 - The Lakers will miss the play-in
Show Details14min 4s
BACK! Update on pod life!
Show Details24min 2s
NBA Finals - G2 reaction
Show Details6min 5s
Suns - Bucks Game 1 Reaction
Show Details5min 20s
Russ Wilson lying to us & NBA status
Show Details18min 43s
Tim Tebow to the Jags
Show Details6min 42s
What College Football can learn from the NBA
Show Details10min 36s
The NBA Play-In tournament - why players are unhappy with it?
Show Details6min 42s
Why Luka should get Tech #15 now!
Show Details3min 24s
10 wins for the 2021 Jacksonville Jaguars?
Show Details6min 49s
Did the Giants make a mistake drafting Saquon?
Show Details5min 5s
3 reasons the Oklahoma Sooners will win the National Championship
Show Details8min 29s
Sam Darnold traded & does Trevor Lawrence get a pass?
Show Details5min 33s
3 things the Detroit Lions need to figure out this offseason
Show Details9min 1s
The Process - Can Embiid take Philly all the way?
Show Details6min 5s
Mac Jones > Justin Fields?
Show Details8min 18s
Blake Griffin to the Brooklyn Nets!
Show Details4min 38s
SuperBowl Reaction! Gus Malzahn to UCF and UConn Women's basketball
Show Details14min 11s
Trade heard 'round the world! Rams/Lions trade
Show Details17min 19s
Tennessee hires Josh Heupel! #NailedIt
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Ep 7 - James Harden to the Nets
Show Details6min 41s
Ep 6. Alabama. Dominates
Show Details11min 37s
Ep. 5 Alabama/ND recap
Show Details8min 21s
Ep. 4 Ohio State - Clemson recap
Show Details11min 20s
Ep 3 - James Harden. What gives?
Show Details13min 41s
Ep 2. OhSt and Clemson preview!
Show Details12min 21s
First episode! Intro and we get into Bama v ND
Show Details13min 9s