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The Adventures of an Idahoan

A comedic podcast where Rob shares some of his abnormal, but every day type of adventures. It makes you feel like you're reading the comics - warm, fuzzy, and just happy not to think about the rest of the news for a while


End of Season 1
Show Details1min 23s
Adventures On The Hammerhead
Show Details8min 38s
Adventure On the High Seas (in inflatable kayaks)!
Show Details13min 15s
Funniest Unintentional Things Said From a Church Pulpit
Show Details14min 14s
Adventures in a Church Bathroom (Don't worry, it's only potty humoresque)
Show Details6min 7s
Adventures In the Bedroom (It's not what you're thinking)
Show Details8min 17s
The Great Beef Jerky Ride
Show Details10min 58s