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What do you see when you take the spotlight away from celebrity personalities and hand them a microphone without a script? The Adam Malamut Show brings together distinguished people from all backgrounds and shines a light on the topics which open up new and unique insights from real people offering their own perspectives and opinion.


The Adam Malamut Show Episode 16: Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Show Details41min 27s
EP07: David Duzenski on Goal-Oriented Action
Show Details42min 18s
EP06: Jerrold Colton on Creating Meaningful Change
Show Details48min 37s
EP05: Phil Costa on Cultivating a Successful Lifestyle
Show Details41min 52s
EP03: Jared Solomon on Philadelphia Culture
Show Details41min 14s
EP08: Family Law with Annmarie Jensen
Show Details42min 58s
EP09: Fair Pay to Play Act and the NCAA - What This Means for College Sports
Show Details41min 33s
EP02: Senator Raymond Lesniak
Show Details43min 38s
EP01: Jalen Mills
Show Details44min 55s