The Adam Clairmont Show

You want to start and grow a career in audio? Then let's talk with the pros who are behind the television and film you watch, the music you listen to, the video games you play, and much much more. Learn about every niche and opportunity that is available to you and how you can attract and act on them! What would life be like with a career you love? Here you will learn how to build your client list, get the most out of your gear, and earn more money in less time, just like the pros!


38 - Getting Started in Immersive Audio with Marcela Rada
Show Details34min 4s
37 - What Got You Here Won't Get You There
Show Details18min 10s
36 - The Life of a Mix Engineer With Matthew Weiss
Show Details39min 6s
35 - Audio On Set With Rodolfo Piedras
Show Details1hr 13min
34 - Cullen Brooks Talks Mixing Films and Social Media
Show Details39min 47s
33 - Should I Start a Commercial Recording Studio Or Stay In My Home Studio
Show Details15min 46s
32 - Small Market Studios w Jeremy Mang
Show Details42min 57s
31 - Mixing Film and Television with Michael Archacki of Ascension Post
Show Details1hr 2min
30 - Steve Freeman - Build a Career in Audio [Advice From a Music Industry Veteran]
Show Details52min 44s
29 - Should I Work For Free? [Unpaid Internships in the Recording Studio]
Show Details21min 13s
28 - How To Get A Job In A Recording Studio [Or an Internship]
Show Details18min 1s
27 - Krysta Youngs Interview [Manifest Songwriting Success]
Show Details44min 11s
26 - How I learned From My Mistakes in The Recording Studio
Show Details12min 50s
25 - Improve In The studio In 2021 [10 Tips To Win This Year]
Show Details18min 51s
24 - No One Supports My Career [Staying Motivated as an Audio Engineer]
Show Details12min 23s
23 - Mixing With Purpose [Get Out of a Rut]
Show Details11min 23s
22 - Billy Decker - Fast Mixing with Templates [Interview with Nashville Mixer]
Show Details44min 18s
21 - What is 3D Audio with Daniel Samaan [Sound Design with Sfera Post]
Show Details36min 39s
20 - Why You Should Give Criticism To Your Clients [Why, When, And How To]
Show Details10min 9s
19 - Interview - Brandon S Hire of The Noise Floor A/V
Show Details48min 39s
18 - STOP BUYING GEAR!!! [What To Invest In For A Recording Studio]
Show Details14min 45s
17 - An Audio Engineer's Plan For A Successful Career
Show Details15min 52s
16 - Create Audio for Advertising [Becca Falborn of Sound Lounge]
Show Details45min 36s
15 - Tools For The Recording Studio - Work FASTER!!!
Show Details13min 32s
14 - Find Repeat Clients For My Recording Studio
Show Details15min 10s
13 - Mixing Audio For Television [Mix Engineer and Producer Brent Barcus]
Show Details43min 46s
12 - Solve Problems For Your Clients In The Recording Studio
Show Details12min 22s
11 - Mix Music In Nashville [Interview with Jonathan Roye]
Show Details36min 2s
10 - Do's And Don'ts For Audio Engineers in a Professional Recording Studio
Show Details12min 21s
09 - Find More Work And Clients For My Recording Studio
Show Details11min 35s
08 - Get More Jobs in Audio for TV and Film 2020 [Interview w Emma Butt]
Show Details35min 43s
07 - Attracting Better Clients For Your Audio Business 2020
Show Details13min 25s
06 - Dolby Atmos and Audio Post [Nathaniel Reichman Interview]
Show Details33min 52s
05 - Build Your Client List 2020 [Grow Your Audio Business]
Show Details14min 26s
04 - Microphones On Mars Perseverance Rover (Interview with Rockstar/NASA Researcher Jason Achilles)
Show Details51min 55s
03 - Produce Music With The Right People [Theory]
Show Details42min 28s
02 - How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome
Show Details17min 42s
01 - Get it Done In The Studio with David Tyo
Show Details32min 7s
Introduction: Welcome!
Show Details1min 58s