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The AcesHigh Podcast (With SmokinAces)

Hosted By producer/composer and general Smart A** SmokinAces, this delves into his thoughts on music, entertainment, life and social issues. Raw and unfiltered!


Episode 8- GRAMMYS
Show Details44min 43s
Episode 7- Get Your Mind Right
Show Details36min 57s
Episode 6- Feel It In The Air
Show Details43min 50s
Episode 5- Politics As Usual
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 4- Don't Kill My Vibe
Show Details43min 1s
Episode 3- Description Of A Fool
Show Details26min 31s
Episode 2 - LAKESHOW
Show Details26min 47s
Episode 1- Streets Is Talking
Show Details15min 38s
AcesHigh Podcast (Trailer)
Show Details55s