• Episode 6

    ACen is almost here! That’s right! Anime Central is almost here, and we’ve got a lot of big updates to bring you. In this episode, we talk about the importance of getting registered before the con versus at-con registration. We run down all the major announcements ACen has made since our last episode. Lastly, in our interview segment for this episode, we speak to Jesica Ward-Schmidt about the many roles she takes on in the organization and the challenges she and her teams have faced to bring this year’s ACen home! It’s our last episode before the con so let’s build the hype!


    There is still time to get pre-registered and not have to stand in the at-con registration line. Head over to this link and get signed up today


    Badges have been shipped


    All individual badges shipped on April 19th. Group Badges and International Badges shipped a week later. There are still a few Group Badges that need to be shipped but otherwise, all badges are now in the hands of the USPS.

    If you have not received your badge yet, please follow these steps that can help you with your badge

    1. Confirm your registration status at this link


    2. If your registration status is confirmed and you did purchase badge mailing, please sign up for Informed Delivery from USPS at this link. It will help you keep an eye out for incoming mail


    3. If your badge does not arrive prior to the start of the convention, please see our staff at Membership Services when you arrive, and they will be able to assist you in getting your badge.

    Guest Announcements

    Tony Oliver

    Erica Mendez

    Lucien Dodge

    Samurai Dan and Jillian

    Hakos Baelz and Gawr Gura of Hololive EN

    Other Announcements

    Pop-Up Lockers

    $15 a day

    $25 for two days

    $35 for the weekend


    Revue Starlight: The Movie

    More details coming soon

    Pachinko Fever

    More details coming soon

    Soap Bubble Lineup


    DJ Khek

    DJ Allen C

    VJ DaGuru

    DJ Kagamine

    Bad Corey

    DJ GreenFlow

    Nikki X

    Synergy Lineup


    All Hell Breaks Loops

    Moe Shop


    Snack Attack

    James Landino (RWBY, Tower of GOD)

    TeddyLoid (Panty and Stocking, Me Me Me)


    Musical Guest



    31m - May 7, 2022
  • Episode 5

    Welcome Back to another Episode of the ACential Podcast! Check out the Show Notes to see all the topics we discussed this week!


    Tier 3 ends April 1st at Midnight. April 2nd, price goes up to $80 for a full weekend badge and no badge mailing option.


    Covid-19 Safety Update


    Masks still required in all indoor, convention spaces. Proof of Vaccination OR Negative Covid Test Result within 72 hours of your arrival at convention also required.


    Guest Announcements


    Dorah Fine


    Oriana Peron


    A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy


    Eric Maruscak


    First Timers Guide to ACen

    1.      Pick up Badge at Registration Booth in Hall A if you did not get your badge mailed to you. If you did, still head over to Registration to show your proof of vaccination, and get your wristband for the weekend

    2.      Pick up a Program Guide and lanyard, also located in Hall A. While you’re at it, download Guidebook from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for Anime Central to download our 2022 Guidebook

    3.      When the Convention starts on Friday, Head to Opening Ceremonies and hear about all the wonderful things that will be at ACen this year.

    4.      After Opening Ceremonies, head over to the Dealer’s Hall and check out all the vendors and industry guests that have joined us this year.

    5.      Pop over to the Artist Alley and see the wonderful artist selling artwork and other craft goodies.

    6.      Don’t forget to check out our amazing lineup of fan-panels.

    7.      Remember the 6-2-1 rule! 6 hours of sleep a night, 2 full meals a day (Pocky is not a meal), and 1 shower

    8.      Make sure to join our Discord Server to keep up with all the amazing attendees at ACen

    13m - Apr 1, 2022
  • Episode 4

    Another episode of the ACential Podcast is coming at you. In this episode, we discuss all the announcements we’ve made in January and there was a lot. There will be even more coming as we get close to the convention.

    Episode links


    Registration is at Tier 3. Price is $73 for adults.



    Only the Hyatt Rosemont and the Comfort Inn and Suites are still available


    Live Events now open


    Masquerade Applications now open


    Professional Registration is Open




    February 10th-13th, 2022

    Hyatt Regency Columbus

    Columbus, OH


    Anime Milwaukee

    February 11th-13th, 2022

    Wisconsin Center

    Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel


    COVID-19 Vaccination and Mask Policy

    Masks Required in all public convention spaces and public hotel spaces

    Proof of Vaccination required (Vaccination Card, App, photo)


    Reach out to the show


    See you next episode

    13m - Feb 10, 2022
  • Episode 3

    It’s our last episode of 2021! In this episode, we talk to Phil our Senior Manager of Convention Experiences about the work that goes into having all the amazing things we have inside the convention center.

    We also give updates on attendee registration as well as the opening of Live Event Registration.

    Thank you all for listening to the podcast this year and we hope you all are looking forward to 2022!

    Links from the show






    You can email the show at podcast@acen.org. Feedback is appreciated!

    See you all next episode!

    25m - Dec 30, 2021
  • Episode 2

    Welcome back to Episode 2 of the ACential Podcast. In this episode of the podcast

    • We give a brief update on hotels for ACen 2022

    •  Also, a reminder about Tier 2 registration ending soon

    • The big announcement of the episode has to do with Live Event signups

    • Lastly, we talk to Troy and Kris of our Volunteer Staffing

    • Services and find out from them what volunteering at Anime Central is like

    Links from the episode







    You can email the show any and all comments or questions to podcast@acen.org. Feedback is appreciated!

    See you all next episode!

    37m - Dec 19, 2021
  • Episode 1

    Welcome everyone to Episode 1 of the ACential Podcast. Join your host, Sean, as he talks about the latest news and announcements related to Anime Central.




    Registration for Anime Central 2022 is open and the price is going up to Tier 2 pricing on September 1st. Don't delay getting your badge. Head on over to




    And get signed up today!


    Room Blocks


    Our big announcement for this episode is room blocks! Room Blocks for the first 6 hotels will open on September 3rd at Noon Central Time. In this episode, we break down each hotel that is opening on September 3rd, and give you some tips and tricks for booking a hotel for ACen. We also have a guest! Joining us as the first guest of the ACential Podcast is Don Hess, our head of Venue Site Relations. Don discusses his time with Anime Central and what exactly goes into making sure ACen has a convention center to be held in and hotels for our attendees to stay in


    We close the episode with some viewer comments about their favorite hotels.


    Follow us on social media at








    Join our Discord Server




    Sign up for our newsletter




    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up to get the latest updates!

    31m - Aug 30, 2021
  • Episode 0

    Welcome one and all to this, the first episode of the ACential Podcast! Join your host, Sean as he tells you all about Anime Central, the Podcast, and little about himself. We also talk about Registration for next year’s convention. We close out the show by reading some emails from ACen fans about their first Anime Central experiences!

    Want to email the show? You can send your email to podcast@acen.org

    Register Now


    Join Staff


    15m - Aug 17, 2021
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