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The 90th Percentile — A Baseball America Podcast

90th Percentile is a podcast from Baseball America focused on the rapidly evolving world of player development. Each episode your host Geoff Pontes speaks with a new personality within the game making an impact on player training, development, and methodology. A unique interview style look into how prospects develop into big leaguers.


Episode 8: Lance Brozdowski Of Marquee Sports
Show Details47min 59s
Episode 7: Loden Sports Interview w/ Sean Campbell and Matt Pajak
Show Details55min 12s
Episode 6: Kyle Boddy Driveline Baseball
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 5: David O'Hagan and Nathaniel Plotts of Excel Sports Management
Show Details39min 57s
Episode 4: The Nick Lodolo Interview
Show Details31min 8s
Episode 3: Sean McGrath Seattle Mariners Double-A Pitching Coach
Show Details40min 6s
Episode 2: The Chris Langin (Driveline Baseball) Interview
Show Details53min 8s
Episode 1: The Tom House Interview
Show Details44min 20s