• Hurricanes & Hurricanes with Kat Mckenna

    Long time bartender, Kat McKenna, originally from New Orleans and now Ybor based, gets toasty on some Tattersall Rye with Me as we discuss her origin bartending story, walk-in etiquette, Hurricane Katrina, and the appeal of living and working in Ybor City.

    59m | Jul 24, 2021
  • Two Daqs, One Cup

    Jay Wells is married and back in the Co-Pilot seat. On this episode, we’re talking to Garrett Ramsey, Beverage Director of Baba, Bodega, and Bar Chica in St. Pete and Sean O’Connor, Brand Ambassador for Santa Teresa 1796 Rum. We discover why Sean and Garrett hate Punt e Mes, what bars are “doing it right,” and who among us is the Beyonce of Bartending.

    1h 10m | Apr 14, 2021
  • Don’t Tell Me To Smile.

    It’s ladies night at The 86’d Club and all conversations are on the table. Join Myself, Montana Kroll with Maestro Dobel Tequila, Jessica Lum of Intermezzo Coffee and Cocktails, and Bad Ass Bartender, Caroline Lease as we dive into topics like Female Empowerment & Disparagement, Double Standards, Smiling, and the Misogyny that still exists within the industry.

    1h 38m | Feb 19, 2021
  • Brought to You by Newports

    On this episode we’re talking to Morgan Zuch & Liz Senyak of Mandarin Heights and Mandarin Hide and everyone’s favorite Campari Guy, Doug Twining. Special thanks to Liz’s sultry radio voice talent. Join us as we dive into topics like "Car Cynar,” Nancy Pelosi’s podium and why it relates to the bar industry, and Doug’s claim to fame, “The Port of Spain” cocktail. 

    1h 14m | Feb 12, 2021
  • Old Bitter Bartender

    We’re talking to veteran bartenders, Roger McQueen and John Ellwood with our returning guest co-host, Jay Wells. All topics are on the table from "punk ass young-tenders,” to The Savoy experience, to the controversy of serving a Heineken with a lime. 

    1h 12m | Nov 26, 2020
  • The Bar That Shall Not Be Named

    On today’s episode, we’re talking to Matt Pingol, Jay Wells, and Alexis Villanueva-Brown, all former bar squad members. Join us as we reminisce about the bar we all used to work at, how we got into the industry, COVID, and of course poke fun at “Karen.”

    1h 5m | Sep 15, 2020
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