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4 Star Sports Show

We are just four guys who love sports. We break down games and feature special guests on the show including former and current players at all levels as well as other successful people in the world of sports. Thank you for your support!


Joey Magnifico Interview
Show Details17min 53s
Joe Craig Jr Interview
Show Details48min 14s
Sports Talk
Show Details56min 28s
Braden Bean Interview
Show Details52min 32s
Tuesday Night Sports Talk
Show Details1hr 8min
Mike Macintyre Interview
Show Details19min 37s
Sports Talk
Show Details1hr 5min
Shawn Jackson Interview
Show Details23min 52s
Cole Cubelic Interview
Show Details37min 45s
Ron Higgins Interview
Show Details26min 55s
Western Kentucky RB Coach Carlos Locklyn
Show Details19min 42s
Reggie Howard Interview
Show Details40min 5s
Jonathan Bowlan
Show Details38min
Brad Carson
Show Details44min 34s
Phil Glass
Show Details38min 23s
Bob Rush
Show Details22min 18s
Dustin Starr and Daniel Longo
Show Details37min 19s
O'Bryan Goodson
Show Details43min 34s
T.J. Tate
Show Details16min 40s
Cejai Parson
Show Details13min 1s
Deion Griffin
Show Details39min 12s
Eli Savoie & Greg Gaston
Show Details46min 57s
Dan Wolken
Show Details14min 53s
Danton Barto
Show Details41min 47s
NFL Conference Championship & College Basketball picks
Show Details1hr 45min
Kevin Starks
Show Details37min 14s
Brandon Bradford
Show Details36min 36s
College Basketball Show 1-16-21
Show Details1hr 45min
Bubba and Brad Luckett
Show Details17min 18s
Friday Night Football Talk 1-15-21
Show Details1hr 32min
CFP Breakdown 1-2-21
Show Details2hr 26min
CFP and Bowl Breakdown 1-1-21
Show Details1hr 21min
NFL Wildcard and CFP Breakdown
Show Details1hr 43min
Cameron Miller, Cedric Miller, and Robert Johnson
Show Details1hr 24min
Shanae Govan Williams
Show Details38min 49s
Maurice Miller
Show Details59min 36s
Scott Robinson
Show Details29min 19s
Wesley Shappley
Show Details40min 12s
Austin Cox
Show Details52min 10s
Marvis Davis
Show Details45min 58s
Dominic Lincoln
Show Details29min 46s
Richard Real
Show Details28min 2s
CFP and Bowl Breakdown
Show Details1hr 57min
Rob Fischer
Show Details27min 13s
Antonio Anderson
Show Details21min 26s
College Pick Em 12-19-20
Show Details1hr 52min
College Pick Em 12-18-20
Show Details23min 1s
Mike and Matt Cooper
Show Details1hr 13min
College Pick Em 12-12-20
Show Details1hr 49min
Danny Wimprine
Show Details1hr 3min
College Pick Em 12-5-20
Show Details1hr 25min
College Pick Em 11-28-20 (Part 2)
Show Details34min 1s
College Pick Em 11-28-20 (Part 1)
Show Details32min 51s
College Pick Em 11-26-20
Show Details53min 38s
Bryan Fenley
Show Details44min 20s
2020 WWE Survivor Series
Show Details21min 52s
Tommy Clifton
Show Details14min 7s
Mark Giannotto
Show Details1hr 7min
College Pick Em 11-21-20
Show Details1hr 59min
John Varlas, Will Wolfe, Aaron Hayden and Dallan Hayden
Show Details1hr 43min
College Pick Em 11-14-20
Show Details1hr 49min
Russell Copeland
Show Details57min 10s
Conner Ferguson
Show Details1hr 9min
Bryan Moss-Namowicz
Show Details1hr 29min
Brandon Bumgarner and Ryne Ladley (Part 2)
Show Details58min 40s
Brandon Bumgarner and Ryne Ladley (Part 1)
Show Details55min 46s
College Pick Em 10-3-20
Show Details1hr 19min
Joey Magnifico, Kedarian Jones and Josh Mcelroy
Show Details46min 29s
College Pick Em 11-7-20
Show Details1hr 13min
Terry Davis 11-8-20
Show Details1hr 1min
Logan Rebstock (Part 2)
Show Details1min 19s
Logan Rebstock (Part 1)
Show Details31min 15s
Terry Davis 10-31-20
Show Details56min 6s
Kevin Locastro and Chris Jordan
Show Details50min 21s
Blake Butler
Show Details2hr 8min