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The 10-526 Project

Losing a loved one to suicide can feel very isolating, overwhelming, confusing, and heartbreaking. For those who find their loved one, the added layers of pain and trauma can feel impossible to withstand. You aren’t alone. 

Join me as I share my story with suicide loss, talk with others who have lost a loved one, share resources, and even speak with mental health professionals who have insight and helpful advice. 

A brief background

I lost two friends in a homicide-suicide via a gun and found them the next day. Unable to cry sober, I resorted to excessive drinking and fell into a spiral of guilt. A friend recognized my spiral, and with his hand on my shoulder, he convinced me to begin seeking help. It took a 3-week inpatient stay, but I finally had the resources I needed. Then, just as I was able to take a breath again, that friend also ended his life.

All three of my friends were firefighters. 10 was the first friend’s station number, and 526 was my buddy’s badge number. I created this podcast to help provide the resources that I tried and failed to find, and this labor of love was named to honor my friends. In ending their lives, they saved mine.

I am not a mental health professional (yet). I can only speak from my own experience, and I will add trigger and content warnings to each episode. This podcast is not a replacement for therapy or other forms of professional help, and I am not a crisis counselor.

Whether you just experienced a loss or are years or even decades out, you are welcome and loved here. There is hope, healing, and peace. Hopefully, this podcast can be a tool in your healing journey from suicide loss.

No one f;ghts alone.



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