That's Loaded

Two 90’s babies, Caitlin Bea and Sarah Belle, conquering the 20something world in the roaring 20’s. Every week the besties dive into a different topic where nothing is off limits. From past relationships to the moments you didn’t see growing up on YouTube, these besties of 10+ years have a lot to dish. We’re basically the big sisters you never asked for. Now THAT’S loaded. 


Sean O’Donnell Pt. 1 | Growing An Online Presence, Balancing Businesses & Trusting Your Gut
Show Details49min 5s
The Reality of the BFF Breakup
Show Details47min 41s
Bridgette Feuerstein | Enneagrams 101: Everything You Need to Know
Show Details54min 26s
Celebrity Psychic Predictions for 2021: Babies, Divorce & More!
Show Details46min 14s
Goal-Setting Tips That *ACTUALLY* Work, Our Resolutions + Saying Bye to 2020
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The Carah Christmas Special!!
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Welcome to That's Loaded, Why We're Your New BFFs, and #LoadedQuestions
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Sarah's Proposal: Epic or Absolute Disaster?!
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That's Loaded Trailer
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