all the random shit with Hailey Mattar (life post-breakup, finding your confidence, daily thoughts, etc) | ep 25

57m | Jan 20, 2023

Hey hey, we're back -- and with a guest this time!! It's been a minute since Morgan had a guest on the pod, so what better person to have than one of her new friends, Hailey Mattar. After realizing they share a birthday, got out of long term relationships at the same time & are both your typical geminis, they knew they were bound to be friends. They went into it intending to talk about breakups, but honestly ended up covering all the random topics. Everything from intrusive thoughts, finding your confidence, growing apart from your family, finding yourself post-breakup, moving on, and all sorts of shit in between. Hailey even shares what it was like to grow up as an anxious, misunderstood child & now have grown into someone her younger self would never recognize, but would be so proud of. The chaotic dynamic between these two makes it a must-listen if you're ready to laugh your ass off. 

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