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Welcome to That Millwall Podcast - the best independently run podcast for all things Millwall. No one likes us, but if you’re as obsessed on all things Millwall Football Club then this is the show for you! Join Micky and Omer as we re-live previous years with ex-players, highlight those famous matches against Leeds or West Ham..!

Whether its covering on-going talking points live from Bermondsey, SE16 or debating team selection, player performance and even manager performance. This is the perfect show for fans to have their say and share any joys and frustrations you have following the wall up and down the country.

Let em’ all come down to The Den…

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Cat A... Cat B... Tier Two... Tier Three...
Show Details51min 4s
The Lions’ King Book Show
Show Details1hr 50min
The goalkeepers special part 2 - With Bryan King, Brian Horne and David Forde - The Lions' King Bryan King Autobiography
Show Details1hr 3min
The goalkeepers special part 1 - With Bryan King, Brian Horne and David Forde - The Lions' King Bryan King Autobiography
Show Details58min 50s
Interview with Owen West - Football Policing
Show Details53min 17s
Player wages and top five all time goals...
Show Details29min 14s
Who R Ya with With Danny O'Callaghan Remembrance Special Pte Lee O'Callaghan
Show Details54min 25s
Lets Remember our fallen Players and Fans together.
Show Details1hr 1min
The Proper Blokes Club
Show Details23min 7s
International break arriving at the right time...
Show Details29min 30s
Sheffield Wednesday preview with Elliot Jackson!
Show Details31min 8s
Talking the knee...
Show Details1hr 5min
Norwich away preview with @CastCanary !!
Show Details30min 49s
Prof Alison Leary MBE Interview
Show Details46min 37s
The Lions are roaring - Happy one year Gary Rowett
Show Details1hr 15min
Real Wall would have thought we would lose to Wycombe!
Show Details21min 46s
Here's Jonny the Wycombe Wanderers Fan
Show Details11min 11s
Big Picture with Price of football Kieran
Show Details32min 4s
Let Football Fans back in!!
Show Details1hr 9min
Who R YA with @WallArt1885
Show Details1hr 2min
Let's Speak To Ollie Baylis
Show Details36min 44s
Brentford Review - with a bit of a ramble!
Show Details42min 10s
Burnley cup exit review and Brentford preview!
Show Details36min 56s
Rotherham Review and Burnley Preview
Show Details39min 12s
Rotherham Preview
Show Details31min 51s
Stoke Review and Carabao Cup preview!
Show Details32min 46s
The New Season Is Here!
Show Details46min 34s
The Championship Preview Show
Show Details53min 14s
Lets Talk Friendlies!
Show Details20min 55s
Pre-Season Review!
Show Details41min 7s
Who R Ya #3 - With Mickey Australian Edition
Show Details51min 35s
Post/Pre Season Chatter
Show Details1hr 27min
Post QPR Debate!
Show Details1hr 25min
That Millwall Family Special Part 2
Show Details1hr 16min
That Millwall Podcast Debate
Show Details1hr 35min
That Millwall Family Special Part 1
Show Details1hr 2min
Post Charlton ramble
Show Details40min 6s
That Millwall interview with Alan McKenna and Tony Lynch
Show Details1hr 14min
Derby Review
Show Details32min 40s
Football is coming back!
Show Details43min 57s
That Millwall Big Pub Quiz Edition
Show Details25min 47s
That Millwall interview with Nicky Chatterton
Show Details1hr
Who R Ya #2 - Merv Payne
Show Details1hr 17min
Who R Ya #1 - Tony From the Drive Home with TT show on Youtube
Show Details1hr 13min
That Millwall interview with John Sitton Part 3
Show Details33min 24s
That Millwall interview with John Sitton Part 2
Show Details51min 35s
That Millwall interview with John Sitton Part 1
Show Details41min 19s
Football on hold with guest Lee Dolby
Show Details47min 39s
That Millwall Barney Ronay interview
Show Details50min 42s
That Millwall Decade Review Show Part 2
Show Details1hr 9min
That Millwall Decade Review Show Part 1
Show Details1hr 2min