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That Emotional Crap

After we get through all That Anger Management Crap what do we do next? Are we a completely new person now? Maybe.

How do we go about rebuilding the relationships harmed by destructive emotions? That is what we will do here. I and my wife, sometimes, will share our journey and struggles to rebuild our life together in a whole new way. Plus so much more that will help in the next confusing steps on our path to emotional health.

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Just Be Happy
Show Details6min 35s
Apology Paralysis
Show Details11min 35s
What is Compersion?
Show Details34min 49s
Bounding into Boundaries with Chrissy
Show Details13min 56s
The Value of Vulnerability
Show Details10min 38s
Meditation and Insight Everywhere
Show Details5min 2s
Bounding into Boundaries
Show Details14min 28s
To Be Human
Show Details36min 35s
They Are All Human
Show Details6min
The Path to Start
Show Details11min 13s
Rebrand on the way!
Show Details58s
Losing the War: No More!
Show Details6min 31s
Losing the War: Failure
Show Details11min 5s
Losing The War: Everything Zen
Show Details6min 24s
Losing the War: All Hope is Gone
Show Details5min 15s
Losing The War
Show Details11min 14s
Buddhist Philosophy and Anger
Show Details5min 25s
My Absence, A Big Fight, and An Epiphany
Show Details13min 26s
Alcohol and Anger
Show Details6min 56s
The Reason Is Not The Reason
Show Details6min 50s
Know When To Walk Away
Show Details10min 33s
The Hero's Journey
Show Details9min 12s
Fear, Stress, Shame, and Anger
Show Details8min 54s
Chrissy And I Talk, Again
Show Details38min 13s
Healthy Boundaries
Show Details9min 45s
Compassion Over Anger
Show Details4min 55s
Four Ways To Receive Negative Messages
Show Details7min 29s
Find The Words That Help
Show Details5min 22s
Don't Ignore; Acknowledge Anger
Show Details4min 12s
Self Acceptance-You Can't Give What You Don't Have
Show Details5min 47s
Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity
Show Details5min 16s
Introduction To Anger and Violence
Show Details4min 31s
Healthy Fights
Show Details7min 11s
Your Body Is A Liar
Show Details5min 7s
You Have Never Made A Mistake
Show Details5min 24s
Making Requests With Chrissy
Show Details31min 28s
Compromise, Yep That's It
Show Details9min 21s
To Forgive Is Divine
Show Details7min 9s
Depression and Losing Control
Show Details7min 16s
Seek Help When Needed
Show Details3min 53s
Confidence And Anger with Dennis Sumlin
Show Details29min 42s
Learn To Use Your Love Language
Show Details9min 48s
Lean Into Your Triggers
Show Details10min 5s
A Fellow Anger Addict Joins Me
Show Details39min 32s
The Myth Of Growth
Show Details9min 59s
We All Have Needs
Show Details10min 28s
Using The Idea Of Non-Self To Help With Anger
Show Details8min 30s
The Seed Of Anger
Show Details10min 12s
Chrissy and I Talk
Show Details32min 42s
You Do Have A Choice And You Made It
Show Details7min 52s
Eww, Emotions, Who Wants To Talk About That?
Show Details11min 2s
It's Your Fault I'm Angry
Show Details9min 52s
Aggressive Release Of Anger
Show Details7min 29s
Expectations And Anger
Show Details6min 56s
What Is Anger
Show Details8min 43s