Follow your intro up with an awesome outro

2m | Dec 21, 2020

Follow your intro up with an awesome outro.

A podcast outro is where you have the chance to capitalize on the awesome listening experience your audience just had. Now is your opportunity to close with a call to action, and to make a request to stay connected with your listeners through whatever way is most convenient for them. In your podcast outro, you might do any of the following:

– Give information about where to find links and show notes (your website)

– Thank your sponsors (ex, this show is made possible by our company, providing a relevant service which you can find out more about at…)

– Pitch your Patreon page or membership area

– Ask your listener to subscribe to your podcast feed

– Encourage the listener to sign up for your email list – you’ll probably want to offer another special gift or incentive for those who choose to subscribe

– Build excitement about your next show by teasing a future show topic, or ending with something like, “Be sure to tune in every Friday for new episodes!”

– Something cute, authentic, and memorable can build connection with the listener – a funny tagline, a genuine thanks for tuning in

Just be sure not to overwhelm the listener with ALL of these requests and calls to action. Pick one to three of the most important action items. You might even make a few different podcast outros and rotate them, with different calls to action in each one.

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